Considering Tweecer, have basic questions. Tried search.

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  1. After reading/searching for info about EEC tuning. I have decided that I want to go the Tweecer R/T route prior to my stroker build. I have a pretty good understanding of the basic operation of the EEC IV. Just have a few basic questions that a search could not answer.

    I know I'll need:

    Tweecer R/T
    WB via EGR (not used)

    1) I plan on using a 90mm LMAF, all I need to do is load the transfer function. Correct? Then use the appropriate size injectors and input the corresponding value into the EEC tables? Then tune from there.

    2) I'm not clear on how the Tweecer interfaces with the EEC. Any pics? Pics of cable used to interface between laptop and EEC a plus.

    3) Is an extra exhaust bung needed for the WB? Or does it replace one of the existing O2's? I'm assuming use of the WB is temporary for tuning and data-logging, not daily driving.

    4) I also have a 67 that will be EFI. Any way to use the Tweecer, BE, & EA on more than one vehicle.

    I know some of these could have been answered with a search, I didn't have much luck here or on the corral. I'm an engineer and have some programming background. So, understanding of the basic EEC logic is no problem. I'm really looking forward to tuning/data logging on my own without having to rely on a shop.

    Thanks in advance.

    Edit: I also read a little about Quarter Horse on this forum. I couldn't find any info via a google search. Is it still available? Any preference over the tweecer?
  2. QuarterHorse for Fords [QH1] - $249.00 : Moates.Net
  3. Great info! Thanks.

    Can the WB still be connected via EGR with the Moates Quarter Horse?

    Any preferred WB setups?
  4. I've got the lc1 wideband.. The only thing I heard is that you have to let the actual sensor warm up before you start the car otherwise you'll burn out the sensor prematurely..
  5. :nice:
  6. Cool. I think I have enough info to get started. Thanks for the help!!!

    I'm sure I'll have a few questions once I start
  7. I would also recommend the rotary switch. It's nice to be able to switch tunes on the fly.
    And, as posted above, you don't have to disable your EGR to datalog a LC1.
    BE has native support for the LC1. From the BE help file..
    Oh, and last but not least, if you have a 64 bit operating system, it's a little more work to get the drivers installed and working properly. If you are, let me know, and I'll walk you through what needs to be done.
  8. Good to know about the switch and the USB connection for the WB. I'll keep those options in mind.

    I'm running 32 bit XP, so hopefully no problems loading the software. If I need it, might hit you up for some help when I start turning. :nice:
  9. That'll work. The transfer function for the 90 mm MAF is in EA and can be exported from there and imported into your tune in BE, so that should be relatively easy. Depending on your processor(A9P, A9l, etc), you should be able to find the template for the injectors over at tunexchange The injector templates will be listed under GUFB strategy, but they should be the same if you have a GUF1. Just modify the template a little.
    What processor do you have, BTW?
  10. A9L, 19 lb injectors for now. I mainly want to install and be familiar with QH before I rebuild the engine.

    255 pump, 19 lb injectors, and 90mm MAF. I'll tune that combo to get myself acquainted. Long term goal is a ~400 rwhp 347, using the same meter and 30-36 lb injectors.
  11. I did the same with the tweecer. Some people like the a9p better because of slightly different ignition curves, but when you are tuning, it doesn't matter. I like the a9l better because it has more support at sites like tunexchange. I can answer a lot of the basic stuff, and eectuning or vristang can get the advanced stuff.