Console And E-brake Gasket Thingy Issues.

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  1. Just fixed my ash tray door today. Whoo hoo! One less rattle! My problem now is the rubber piece that the e-brake handle pokes through. All but a couple of pegs are broken off in the old rubber piece. Anyone ever tried gluing one to the console or tried any other fixes?

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  2. Thanks, I wouldn't have thought of that.

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  3. I used a redline leather boot, really looks nice. Ford should have done this to start with.
  4. I just got the boot from redline in the mail today. Probably be a week or two before I get to put my interior back in. My pegs are all broken off, so I reckon I'll try the velcro method first.
  5. You have a part number or a link? Mine is toast and I need a replacement.
  6. Check out I still haven't installed mine yet. Waiting to pit the subframe connectors in before I reinstall my carpet.