Constant Whining Coming From Fuse Box

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  1. Hi guys,

    I have an '09 GT. I got home from work and I noticed when I walked by my car there was a constant whining noise coming from the engine. I opened the hood and it's coming from the fuse box. What could this be? Car seems to be running fine although I have been having an ac issue where the compressor takes like 2 minutes to kick on which I know I need to get looked at. But it's never done this loud whining. I just went and checked and it's still continuing. Any thoughts? Thanks!!
  2. It's either the wife or girlfriend hiding in there. ;)
    Could be a fuse or relay that's on its way out, and the AC relay sounds like the obvious candidate.
  3. Haha! Yep so turns out it was the ac clutch relay. I've just never heard a relay or fuse make a whining sound like that before. Replaced it this morning and Io and behold my air conditioning is working normally again! Man I was so worried it was a compressor issue and was going to be costly. Can't believe all this time just a bad relay.
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  4. Awesome sauce! Glad yo got it worked out. :nice: