Contour/Mystique + Snow = ...?

Discussion in 'Other Auto Tech' started by RedDaemon, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. good in the snow or bad discuss

    im in the market for a commuter car

    4wd is always better but i am curious about these little cars

    thanks! :nice:
  2. come on now.
  3. The 4 banger or the 6er? I don't doubt either would do better than a Stang in the snow, mate.

    The V6 version is pretty quick for what it is and will be good fun for you.
  4. there was an SVO/T contour right? :D

    the reason why i was thinking about this car is because a friend of mine picked one up a year ago for pretty much the same reasons. He practically stole it since the previous owner thought it was a POS. It turned out that it only needed a new fuel filter and plugs! They look pretty easy to fix

    from what i saw of it they look like neat little cars to put around town with

    only difference tho is that he doesnt have to drive in the snow :notnice:

    i should probably stick to an older exploader with 4wd. lol
  5. even though my svt never hits the snow or rain, I did have a another one has a daily before my explorer. they w/o a doubt go through the snow. the V6 or 4banger are both great. I had ran all seasons one year and then put on snows the following year and the thing was unreal . I live up on very steep mountian and the road to get up here kinda sucks and never got stuck. the town gets to my area very late in the day so plowed roads are a luxury.
  6. ya they're fine in the snow. A good friend of mine had a 5sp. 4cyl. one. Thats like asking if a Civic is good in snow lol.
  7. all the techs at my dealer say contours are horrible to work on. i'd rather have an escort. i don't see too many of them(escorts) with problems.