Suspension Control Arm Bushings = Rear Diff Bushings?

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  1. This is likely a stupid question, but just to make sure - are rear control arm bushings the same as "rear differential bushings?" I'm trying to replace all bushings on my 87, but I can't find diff bushings (needed per the mechanic who recently worked on her) anywhere...everything see points to upper control arms being it. Same thing?
  2. Just in case that answer doesn't totally clear it up for you, no, the rear control arm bushings are not the same as the "differential bushings". The lower control arms have bushings pressed into both ends. The upper control arms have bushings pressed into them on their front ends, but the bushings for the rear of the upper arms are actually mounted in the differential housing and the arms mount to those.
  3. Agreed, get that tool!
    I used it to install the factory diff housing bushings and it was cake.
  4. Everybody has covered your question pretty well. So I'll just mention this- have your mechanic check your torque boxes very well when he swaps your bushings. (torque boxes are where the control arms bolt in on the body side)
  5. The link 5L5 posted doesn't show the need for a tool... I know two of you said to get the tool, vs. his one vote for not using it (or rather, abstention from voting!) it really that much better? And/or, either of you want to sell yours?! :)

    Sharad, thanks for the heads up. I'll be tackling the install, and will do some research to refamiliarize myself with the torque boxes. Years ago I would've been able to tell whether they were shot or not, but it's been a while now.
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  6. That link (my write up) is for poly bushings, which reuse the factory rubber bushing shells.
    That's why the tool wasn't used, as it will press the entire bushing, shell included, out of the housing ear.

    I won't be sellling my tool, but I do recommend it.
    I used it to install a set in my housing, and remove and install a set in my buddies housing when we rebuilt his rear end.

    Just use plenty of antiseize on the threads and it'll work flawlessly.
  7. Having installed those bushings in the link I need the tool.

    A SN member here was kind enough to loan me his if i paid shipping both ways. Those bushings are a PITA to install without the tool.
  8. Fair enough, thank you for the heads up! I will get one, one way or another. I've already asked a member to borrow his...but if that falls through, I might be asking you to ask your guy :D
  9. That's if i remember who it was :) Was quite a while ago.
  10. Just as an FYI for anyone who may have the same question in the future, the full Prothane kit Summit sells does contain these bushings. Something neither I, nor the two Summit reps I spoke to, realized...
  11. I personally wouldn't run polyurethane bushings on the upper arms. When i redid my rear suspension, i took the advice of Max Motorsports tech and left my differential and upper control arm bushings rubber when i installed my Max motorsports LCA's. The reason being the rubber bushings prevent bind when the axle articulates.
  12. Spherical bearings eliminate bind.
  13. Too much NVH for my use
  14. Spherical bears in what, the axles? o_O
  15. In the control arms. You pretty much eliminate the bushings. Keeps things tight. Great for racing applications, noisy as hell on a street/weekend car
  16. Ah ok, nevermind then :) Definitely a wkend car. Perhaps I will try to sell the poly's that came in the kit, and pick up a new set of rubbers.
  17. My personal recommendation (and i'm sure you'll get a lot of opinions) is like the setup I run.

    My car is a street/weekend car. I just cruise so no hard racing.

    I have Max motorsports LCA's with poly bushings. Brand new rubber ford bushings in the differential, and a set of Steeda OEM boxed upper control arms with rubber bushings as my uppers. Basically poly on the lowers, but rubber on the uppers.
  18. Yeah, I respectfully disagree. I don't think rubber bushings belong anywhere on a performance car. Just my humble opinion. No antagonism intended.