Control arms on a budget?

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  1. Im looking into SVE rear control arms but I dont want to buy junk. Any suggestions on the issue?
  2. On a limited budget, I would reinforce the stock control arms by having a 1/4" flat steel plate welded over the open part of the U section of the arms. Do the welds in short sections, on one side and then the other side on the opposite end. That way you don't overheat and cause the metal to twist. Add some new poly bushings and they should be as good as some of the low cost aftermarket parts.
  3. What's your budget?
  4. I bought the SVE weight jackers. Very nice quality, no complaints.

    Dan in ND
    '89 'vert GT undergoing full resto.
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  6. i would have went with UPR's... im running there pro lowers and radius arm uppers and love them! not exactly something most guys will run but they work for what i need
  7. Guys,

    There is really no need to argue here. Everyone is right. There are some of us who can afford everything MM has to offer and others who would love to have MM sports all over their car but simply cannot or will not afford them. I'm saving for a MM driveshaft. I really want it and I know that it is the best I can get so im going to dish the $400. But I settled when it came to the control arms as well. I bought some off summit racing site. I couldn't afford the MM's. I couldnt justify. The price difference was so great I was almost forced to get the cheaper brand. I'm pro America. I hate that china duplicates and sells us everything but got dammit I'm not jipping myself either. Times are tight. My point is. All you rich boys dont poke your chest out on your little brothers. We're getting there. Im in awe of some of the things alot of you boys do to these cars. I come on here to learn everyday. But in th end we all have the same basic goal. The commitment time and money going into these Stangs. I salute you all.

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  8. I enjoyed that thread Wythors, thanks. And there is a difference between "Rich" and smart with money. Being in the Army I am far from rich. But 90% of the time I will save up for the better part (or find used). Especially if it's in the suspension & engine department. Some places you can go cheap, some you can't.
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  9. Where do you get the "rich" part? I'm a working stiff that has to save up for my stuff, just like everybody else. I've been modifying my LX since 1999 to get it to where it is now and this is what I've learned since then:

    My point is that buying cheap crap twice is counter productive. Unless you have had a faillure of your rear control arms, nobody needs different ones on their car right this minute, other than to say you've got them. Rather than spend $150 for junk, either do as jrichter suggested and sturdy up your stock stuff on the cheap, or save for another couple of months and buy a quality product then.
  10. Price vs. Value. How I look at it is that it's good to save money, but if you pay 20% more and are 80% happier then it is money well spent, and that cheaper part would have been a rip-off. Pay a little more, get a lot more, pay a little less, get a lot less.

    Welding up some stock control arms, if you have a welder, why not, spend that money on something else and get faster, cheaper. However, don't hire someone to weld it, because they will still be flimsy compared to some good arms. Actually, most of the control arms out are rather cheap, until you start stepping up to the more specialized items, then it gets costly.

    Don't skimp on rear suspension because your rear end is key to stability of your car. The rear coming around on you and moving about is the worse part of handling on these cars. Get that rear stable, and not only will it handle better, take off better, but it will be much more predictable. On the mustang, the floating rear axel is really floating. Raise it up and use a prybar and see how much you can move the rear end around. You can even use your hands.
  11. Out of all the things I said to try to defuse this you quote the "rich" part. LOL. How about you have a choice to buy whatever parts you want and can afford for your car. And I have the choice to buy the parts I can afford for mine. Just because the ones from summit or china or where ever cant handle 4-500 rwhp doesnt mean they are "junk" and just because my car doesnt have 400-500 horsepower with a $2,800 supercharger doesnt make my car junk. The way some of you boys talk on here its like your either "rich" or better than other users because you have some of the best stuff, cars etc or just a big liar. My car feels nice and tight and I didnt spend 400 on RCAs and Im cool with that. Peace.

  12. well guys my budget is probably in the $250 range. However ill prolly being staying away from anything SVE. Last night I orderded my MM full lenght sfc's with seat brackets.
  13. Of course it's your choice. It's your car. But OP asked the opinion of members on this forum. And that's what he got. Isn't that the point of forums anyway?

    Pissedoff92: MM deal of the day is still going on so check their sight everyday and their's a good chance you'll get some MM control arms for a great price. I ordered my bumpsteer kit for 20% off a few weeks ago.
  14. I picked up a set of steeda aluminums on ebay a few years ago, price was way below new and they were in great shape. still use them, still holding up great. I got lucky, there are some parts you just dont go cheep on and I would think that LCA's are one of them. Save up till you can buy the ones you want.
    nice choice on the SFC's, do those before the LCA's.
  15. Just like they say, you get what you pay for. I have seen this be true countless times. I know when I buy my suspension stuff I will be going MM. That's not something I would want to fail while driving
  16. Yea thats the plan. The LCA's and torque box braces are high on the to do list. Thanks for the link to their website
  17. Its much better to save up your pennies and buy quality parts rather than wasting on the cheapie stuff from China.
  18. I didnt even know that sve stuff was chinese untill now. I wonder if their rims and and their 5 lug kits are junk too?
  19. Almost all mass market aftermarket rims are cast in China anymore. That, unfortunately, is a sad fact of life. All of the reproductions rims offered by 50Resto, American Muscle, OE Wheels and Mavromont are Chinese-made.
  20. If thats the case then how is one to decipher what is junk?