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  1. I decided to change gears over to 4.10 on my 01 5speed and wondering if it would be worth the time and money to replace the control arms at the same time, if so what brands would be good. Dont have alot of money to blow on them so cheaper the better just dont wanna buy crap arms. Thanks
  2. And is there anything else I should do while I have it all apart?
  3. As long as they are tubular, any brand is good. Lower arms are especially beneficial. I plan to upgrade mine here pretty soon.
  4. In short, yes. Get a good quality set with urethane bushings. Check the bushings on the housing as well. Get what you can afford with a good warranty. Whatever you do, stay far far far away from anything with the GMS name on your car for ANYTHING.
  5. Wouldn't boxed be stronger? Whats the difference in them
  6. Boxed are stronger than stock but, most aftermarket ones are tubular.
  7. For the same unit weight, tubular will be stronger than boxed, but I would make my decision based on the bushing construction (or spherical rods ends). You're not going to notice the difference between tubular and boxed on a street car. Steeda for one also makes them out of aluminum which can save a few pounds, but again it's a minor difference on a street car.
  8. How do tbese ebay specials compare to the name brands?
  9. I don't know, I am too scared to try.
  10. I've seen failures with the ebay specials, and the bushings are NEVER as good as the name brand control arms on the market.
  11. I have never had an issue with the dozens of UPR arms I have used or sold. Just don't get the heim joints for your ends on a street car. Urethane bushings will be more than adequate.
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  12. Didnt figure they would be but cant the bushings be replaced?
  13. if youre looking for a decent control arm at a decent price check out bmr. i bought a set of their control arms for about $160 and they worked great. made a huge improvement in traction.

    and yes you can replace the bushings but its such a pain
  14. Yes the bushings can be replaced. I usually go with UPR because of the lifetime warranty.
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