Controversy- 255lph + Trex Or 255

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  1. Upon searching the google there are a lot of mixed opionions on using the inline t-rex in conjunction w a 255lph intank gss340. Some say the intank is plenty some say use 255 + t-tex and others say 255 + t-Rex will perform worse due to the inline being a restriction. The latter being more of a theory I believe. I also read where the t-Rex is designed to be used w 190lph intank pump. But if I'm going to have to buy a pump I might as well get the 255 because they're the same price. For that matter do I even need a larger than stock pump? I'll only be making like 300 rear horse maybe. So which way do i go? Vortech 95 mustang gt
  2. 255 walbro and never look back
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  3. K and no t-rex? Trying to get my shopping list together
  4. This!
    The 255 alone is good for 500rwhp. Why would you need the T-rex? Planning on making more than that?
  5. I'm running a 190 lph with a vortech base kit and my afr is spot on. I had a t-rex for the tuner to install if he needed it and he didn't.
  6. If you're going to go with the 255lph pump, get the GSS340 high pressure unit. It's far more stable for forced induction engines.
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  7. Hotwire the 255
  8. for the money ..... aeromotive 340
  9. for 60 bucks more its worth the cheap insurance. its 161 with the discount from lmr
  10. $113 for gss340 and install kit via amazon
  11. insurance against what? The 255lph GSS340 will support enough fuel flow to make power levels that will split the stock 302 block right down the middle. Exactly what do you think spending another $60 on a 340lph pump you'll never utilize the potential of will get you?
  12. I would rather have over kill for fuel in a power added situation but that's just my opinion
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  13. Well....let's look at it this way. If you're at the point where the high pressure 255lph pump has started to falter and isn't sustaining your's not going to matter, because you're block likely gave up about 10-seconds before that. Besides....he's talking about an entry level Vortech kit here. He's not gonna come anywhere close to taxing that pump.

    Overkill is fine, but at some point it's just unnecessary. There's there's no need to hit a house fly with a sledge hammer, when swatting it with a rolled up newspaper will do. ;)
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  14. Overkill on the entire fuel system is actually NOT what you want.
  15. I was just referring to the pump , I know the injectors you would like to keep the duty cycle under 85 percent and should size appropriately
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  16. You read my mind.
  17. That scares me....I don't like being in there. :ack:
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  18. Tell me about it. Next thing you know, you'll start thinking that people should work for a living and keep what they've earned. :eek:
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  19. A 255 is not always good for 500 rw.... get the 340 .
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