Controversy- 255lph + Trex Or 255

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  1. He has no intention of making anywhere close to 5oohp.
  2. I was replying to onefine88 post just didn't quote it. He will eventually have intentions of making more power anyways. That is just how it works.
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  3. Shoot, for 300rwhp you could get away with a standard motorsport 190lph. The GSS340 would be fine too, certainly won't hurt anything. I have an old Motorsport 255lph, and I had to add a T-Rex when I went from 100 to a 150 shot. The 255 could pump the volume but not maintain the pressure. I have to maintain almost 100 psi of fuel pressure, and the pressure would drop off without the T-Rex. Not sure if that is any help to anyone.