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  1. Hey from the research ive done looks like any 302 will do for the coupe, just wanted to verify.
    also would there be any parts from a 96 mustang that i could use on the 66. like power steering or breaks or 5 lug.

  2. If you are thinking of using a later model 302 there are a few things to consider. If you get a 302 from a late model thunderbird, or 94-95 mustang you will need to switch the oil pan, and oil pump pick up to a vintage front sump pan. Also the timing cover, water pump, and front accessories don't work right because they were made shorter to accommodate the limited space under the hood of those cars. They also have reverse directional water pumps. The fox body 302 has the reverse water pump, and the pan needs changed, and the dipstick needs moved to the timing cover. Also the modern blocks don't have the boss on the side for a clutch z bar if it's a manual transmission. There are some things that need to be considered, but it's not too difficult.
  3. I won't get into the later model mustang stuff, but I will talk about the 302. Is you car a V8 car or a 6cyl? I put an ATK 302 roller cam 302 into my car and just transferred all of the 289 accessories over to it. If you go with ATK, like no1hedberg said, you want the front sump model. it is the ATK 300HP 302ci HP79

    I used a Weiand Stealth 8020 intake, Hedman longtube headers, and a Holley 4160 1850 600CFM carb in the car. I just basically dropped the engine right in, however, I mentioned before than my car was originally a 289-4V car.

    Here is the engine after it was painted "old Ford Blue"

    Here is another shot of it in the car....
  4. Are those Headman headers set up for 4 speed? if they are do you have the part number . I had it but i lost it .
    That car is looking nice.I always liked vintage burgandy
  5. Mine are Hedman 88300 long-tube headers. I believe they are for the C4 and not the manual transmission.

    I believe the Flowtech (Holley) headers fit with the manual transmission, but I didn't look too deep into that since I have the C4.

    I'm not sure about the Flowtech headers, but the painted Hedman headers are just for shipping protection. It isn't high-temp paint, so I used POR-20 high temp coating to coat my headers with. I've also heard of people having good luck with high-temp BBQ paint and other 1200*+ aerosol paints.

    *I just use Summit as reference, since with Summit and Jegs it is so easy to find the parts. I have and do purchase parts from there but there are plenty of distributors out there to get your parts from. </disclaimer> lol
  6. Yeah i always blast them and use high temp BBQ paint .you have to break it in ,warm them up by running a few minutes then shut it down and let them cool ,do it a couple of times and it will last along time
  7. I got the 302 from a guy I know. Came out of a1990 f150
    Tore it down this weekend gonna try and budget build it also got an performance rpm intake for it.

    Here's my progress

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