Convertable top question.

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  1. Well, newbie to the fox body Mustang scene with the acquisition of my '93 4-cyl Convertable LX.

    My stupid question is: I busted out the rear window putting down the top, and so far the only place I've found to replace it, is an upholstery/top shop that's going to ding me $565.00 to order the window piece, and stitch it in. Are there any other solutions, or is this one of the prices I have to pay to having a convertable?

  2. That price sounds pretty ridiculous, I've seen relatively cheap window pieces on eBay. Sounds like a lot of it is labor, did they quote you a price on replacing the entire top for comparison? I think your only other alternative is duct tape.
  3. That seams a little high, when I replaced the one on my old vert, it cost me about 250 to boy the top and window, and about another 250-275 to install it.
  4. Top replacement

    I have an 87 convt project car. The old top was shot and so after hearing all of the insane prices for labor, I decided to replace it myself.

    Bought the top and plastic window on eBay for $130, new condition.

    I spent 6 hours SLOWLY removing the old top. I photographed everything I did, so I could have some idea on how to replace it.

    I spent 2 days in the hot Florida sun, installed and removed the top 4 times before I finally got it right. It is tight as a drum, looks and works great. I've never done anything like this before, but taking a lot of time paid off.

    It can be done, just be really careful and work slow.


  5. I vote for Dave's advice. Its the True DIY way! right on! :D