Convertible Bracing

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  1. I was under my car this weekend putting subframe connectors on and noticed that the stock bracing was missing. Somebody cut it off on the rocker panel. Parts of it were still riveted on. Does anyone know where new braces can be found? I was thinking about making my own also since the old ones are history. The car is much stiffer after I welded the subframe connectors on though. Prob because there was no support before.
  2. since you welded in sfc's you dont need the old bracing anymore. that was more for show anyway.
  3. Ok, so no real benefit then?
  4. not anymore. it was added when the car was built but it was never a truly adequate measure of adding strength. most have rusted out or been torn away by floor jacks by now.
    If you want more stiffening add a roll bar and rear cage.
  5. Yeah I was planning on at least a 6 point roll bar and maybe a strutower brace
  6. If you want to add more rigidity, install a strut tower brace. It will greatly diminish the dreaded cowl shake.
  7. You guys are talking about the two "V" shaped pieces of steel that are under the engine? I just finished repainting the two I grabbed off wrecks at the salvage yard
  8. There's those and there should be some black stamped steel riveted to the subframes themselves
  9. Yup. The steel pieces were busted the rest was there.
  10. Where are these located?
  11. These ran from the radiator support to tje engine support and then from there back to the body
  12. I don't remember seeing those either..are most strut tower braces created equal? I know maximum motorsports makes good stuff, but is it worth the extra 50$ for their product?
  13. These are oem and are underneath the engine. Most are long gone but if you look the bolt holes are there
  14. Buy whichever stb is on sale and call it a day
  15. Yeah kinda what I was thinking. Was even thinking of fabbing my own, I have the equipment
  16. go for it.
  17. In addition to SFC's and strut tower brace go with a k-member brace.Maximum motorsports makes a nice one which I have on my 90 vert.Really tightens up the front suspension and the car feels rock solid with ALL the above bracing.COWL SHAKE IS GONE WITH THE K-MEMBER BRACE!
  18. Do you have the 4 point or 2 point brace?
  19. Steeda makes a two point brace..Mine is a four point..will not cleat L/T headers..two point will though.