SN95 Convertible Down. Quarter Glass Up. Why?

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  1. Why do i see people in convertibles of various makes and models (Not just Mustangs) with the top down, door glass down but the rear quarter glass up on both sides? Never understood why.

  2. It's how they wave to other mustang owners.
  3. Hahaa but seriously....i know i'm not the only one that has seen this.
  4. Serious? Most likely it is because the rear 1/4 windows are not working.
  5. ∆∆ exactly!
  6. Yep what he said. I always say to myself there goes another vert with nonworking quarter windows. LOL

    The sad part is that they are sooo easy to fix.
  7. They are?? Mine was a pain and I still don't think it's fixed. It wouldn't roll up however.
  8. My passenger 1/4 is busted. I put it down anyway. Haven't gotten around to fixing it yet.
  9. OK cool....i was a bit confused. I know that when i had my top replaced they ran the cable the wrong way and it would sometimes interfere with the window. I guess i'll put them all down and show off my window functionality.
  10. If it is the window motor, they are very easy to replace.. Just loosen the rear kick panel by removing the front screws. Remove the speaker so you have access. Pull back the kick panel and the motor is held in with 3 bolts and then unplug the power wire. Put some grease on the gears for the new motor and spray some white grease on the window guide and bushings.

    I prefer to get my window motors from the JY as they are OEM and are only $10, and much better quality than the cheap Chinese made ones. I replace the plastic nubs in the motor with three 1/4 x 20 nuts, as the plastic nubs wear down over time and cause the window to stick. Repack the window motor with grease.

    Install the new motor and test the motor. Then button everything up.