Convertible Latch Repair

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  1. Is the pin that the '69 convertible latch pivots on, to lock the top to the windshield header, replaceable? I have let both latches break, have one pin left and no threaded fasteners left to go by. Can replacement parts be found, or should I go for new latches.

    I have checked my factory manual, but can't de-cypher an answer. To gain clearance to replace the pins, I will need to peel back the top upholstery, so before that can of worms gets opened I need more facts about the repair.

  2. I hate to be the one to tell you, but I do not know of anyone that makes any latch hardware or latch replacements for the 69/70 model. You will likely have to go junkyard shopping or fab one up for yourself. Some of the best parts catalogs in the country only list pin kits for 65 to 68 years, and reproduction latch handles for 65 to 67 and 71 to 73. The sad fact is that they only made about 15,000 verts in 69' and like 7,000 in 70, so with maybe only 10 or 12,000 combined on the road still, parts demand is not high so no one bothers making it. I will look at mine tonite and try to determine what could be used as an alternative.
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    Thanks for the info,

    Since I wrote that I did indeed find some salvaged latches on the national internet auction house that will remain nameless.

    The good news is that they appear to function, the bad news is I haven't had time to attempt to install them yet.

    There is a shop with good reputation and they are MCA members here in Orlando. I will probably use them when I have the time and money.

    Thanks again.