Convertible Leak? Water on Floor

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  1. Thank you for all this great information. I have been having the same problem with my 04 mustang convertible, with about 3 inches of water in the back passenger floor.

    I removed my back seat and lifted up the carpet as instructed. The water is coming in from the 2nd yellow arrow to the right on this picture. I can't figure out how to unclog my drain or how to even access it. When I look under the car I don't see any holes for the drain. Can anyone help me out with this?



    Oh and on a side note, I used a garden hose to run water over my car and when I plugged up that hole where the water is coming in the driver rear floor started filling up instead!

    It does look like water is draining under my car from a hole on the drivers side, but not fast enough...
  2. 2004 Convertible Leaks

    This is what those pesky drain holes that everyone has been talking about look like. They are just the small "V" bent out part along the inside bottom edge of the frame rail. They are only big enough to jam a coat hanger up to unplug and there are four of them along the frame rail.

    When I unplugged mine about a litre of water poured out.

    It is amazingly easy to unplug them. You don't have to remove any panels or jack up the car. Just lie down beside it so you can see under it a bit and there they are. Poke em with a wire coat hanger and you are done. :D

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  3. 2004 Convertible Leaks

    Red arrow points to drain hole
  4. This is not the usual method, but was effective. I have a 2007 mustang and the water was pooled in front of the rear wheel panel.

    I lowered the top and took out my shop vac with a 1" wide nozzle and vaccuumed out the water and whatever else that was pluging the hole. It now drains the water just as it should. Hope this helps someone.
  5. how can i find the hole locaction of car?