Convertible Top Boot


Sep 27, 2004
northern ca
Hi All,

I just got my '04 Terminator with 5k miles (thank you very much). I have searched on this subject and have discovered that the boot for my converible is total bad that I thought there was no way whatsoever that this thing could have come from Ford, thought it was an aftermarket knock off! I was spoiled with my '94 GT boot because it was harder vinyl and fit perfectly snug, I used it all the time and it looked great. The corners folded over and fit into a soft vinyl case and fit in the truck (tightly), it had no snaps but had hard plastic clips/clamps underneath.

Question is: will one of these older covers I'm talking about work on my '04? Seems to me the interior is the same 10 years later. If not, has anyone found a boot that looks/fits well that only covers the top? I'm NOT looking for a hard tonneau cover.
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