Convertible Top Frame Adjustment

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  1. Does anyone know how to adjust the convertible top frame. My frame is sagging right above the driver side window, preventing it from closing with the window all the way up.
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  2. This is directly from a Ford Technical Service Manual. I've used this procedure to adjust my top and it works well. The illustrations (very helpful) did not copy and paste. If you email me at [email protected], I'll try and email you a better copy with illustrations.

    Good Luck!

    Top Linkage Alignment

    Stand behind the vehicle and visually sight across the folding top rear number 4 bow (51278). The height of the folding top rear number 4 bow should be even side-to-side. If not even, adjust as follows:

    1. Remove rear seat. Refer to «Section 01-10».

    2. Remove quarter trim panel (31012). Refer to «Section 01-05».

    3. Remove screws retaining roof headlining (51916) to folding top rail pivot bracket link (506A68) and rear tacking strip.

    Folding Top Rail Pivot Bracket Link

    Rear Tacking Strip Attachment

    4. Disengage roof headlining retainer (50980) from folding roof rear side rail (53138).

    5. While holding roof headliner elastic strap, remove screw retaining strap tofolding top center rail (51154). Install a hooked metal rod through hole in elastic strip and slowly release tension on elastic strip.

    6. Note position of V-notch on pivot adjusting cam and remove set screw. Rotate adjusting cam so V-notch is aligned toward rear of vehicle.

    7. Loosen two bolts at bottom of folding top rail pivot bracket link. Then push down on folding top rail pivot bracket link to raise rear of folding top center rail. Tighten folding top rail pivot bracket link bolts.

    8. Rotate adjusting cam forward until V-notch in adjusting cam is aligned upward.

    9. To install set screw, rotate adjusting cam slightly to align with the closest set screw retaining hole and install screw.

    10. If folding top front side rail (53104) and folding top center rail are not parallel at pivot point after this adjustment, loosen retaining side rail set screw lock nut.

    11. Rotate set screw in or out until folding top front side rail and folding top center rails are parallel at pivot point and tighten lock nut.

    12. To install roof headlining, quarter trim panel and rear seat, reverse Steps 1 through 4.
  3. does someone have pics of this process?
  4. Do you still have pix? My top sags in front of the rear window.
  5. To fix saggging in the rear window the top needs to be installed from both the rear and side trim sticks. Then the rear window assembly needs to be installed and pulled tight on the rear trim stick. Not for the light of heart.
  6. That should say uninstalled can't edit via phone... grr
  7. I would love to see some pictures of this. IMTOPLS, sent you an email. Thinking about picking up a '00 vert that has this sagging frame on both sides. you have to finagle the window at an angle to get it to close and seal properly.
  8. What about a gal in the front for a SN95