Convertible Top Motor/lift Diagnosis


Mar 11, 2012
Dayton, VA
Hey guys, I have basically zero experience with working on convertible tops but am hoping someone here can help me to avoid either guessing what to replace, or having to spend a bunch of money for diagnosis.

After a decent amount of searching, it seemed like it's pretty common for the top to go up and down very slowly due to being low on fluid. I checked the fluid though, and it was fine, to the point that I couldn't even really add any. The top goes up and down but very, very slowly(it's gotten worse to the point that I have to help it the rest of the way once it's about halfway up) so obviously there's no fuse/relay/circuit breaker issue.

As far as I could see, none of the lines are leaking, and obviously the fluid should be low if they were. Can anyone help me out with how to pinpoint whether the issue is the motor or the hydraulic lift cylinders? Or is there any other possibility I'm not thinking of?

Thank you.
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