Convertible Top Type Recommend and Install Difficulty?????

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  1. I have a 95 GT Convertible that we love on the nice Charleston days and nights, unfortunately the rains don't like it and I get leaks around the rear and front passenger so the time is here to replace it. So looking for suggestions what kind to get and are they difficult to install with semi normal tools? I have the vinyl type now and it seems pretty brittle so maybe the cloth is better down here in the sun? I have seen some dvd's you can buy to install it but looking for real world advice here. Thanks all
  2. I have a 98 vert and went through a top change recently. I order one from Late Model Resto. Good price good quality. I looked at the install myself and decided to pass and have it professionally done. There's alot of little thing that could go wrong from what I was able to find out, so I had a body shop do it. They charged $300 for the labor and I have a 1 year warrenty on the labor, so if it bubbles or comes loose they will fix it for free.
  3. Better to have it done professionally.
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  4. I agree. I about to take mine in a couple weeks to get a new top. Mine does not leak yet but some of stitching is coming off. I also want a color change The guy thats going to do it is charging right at 800.00 for the top and the rear curtain (glass).
  5. Yea I'm due for one...been waiting for winter to actually be over here in NJ. I was quoted $800 for black vinyl....$1000 for canvas....I love the look of a canvas top.
  7. i have put on several tops and rear windows... i'll probably be doing my daughter's 2000 this summer.... the vinyl tops are great, but are only made to last 7 years or so.... the canvas tops look richer, but are only supposed to last 5 years so i'm told by a friend who installs for a living...
    i have gotten good tops from american muscle and AM only has the 2 piece tops.. about $180 for the top and $180 for the window... convertibletopguys have a one piece EZ install top that has a plastic rear window... they are really not bad at all to install... much easier than the 2 piece... price is about $275.... however if you like glass, it can be done by a novice....just use your old top as a pattern to go by..take your time and you'll be fine... 1st top will probably take 2 afternoons... get the DVD convertibletop guys offer and you should have no problem.. a 2 piece top in alabama costs about $1400 to have installed, parts and labor.. i think it's worth a try... the one piece tops look good and are a snap to install.. you have to take care of the window... only use PlastX or equivalent to clean... but they wear well..,,,find a good stapler, doesn't have to be electric.. use the glue sold by the website... you'll also need an upholstery tool and a pop rivet gun... try it, it's fun... good luck
  8. Do you have a pic of a vert with a one-piece top (plastic rear window)?
  9. i do have several pictures of my GT i sold about 3 yrs ago.... i'm still sorry about that... i will attach a pic ..the rear windows are larger and give a better rear view that the 2 piece.. .. you do have to take care of the plastic.... no dirt, no harsh can scratch.. however, the new ones seem to be better quality than stuff they made like 10 and 15 yrs ago where the plastic got so bad you couldnt see thru it... i really liked mine and had the top on about 2 yrs till i sold it... you can use plastx or something like that you would use on your headlights to keep the plastic clear... i recently have seen them on Ebay for as little as $167... takes only an afternoon or two to do...

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  10. After working on the manufacturing side of the Automotive Softrim industry for the last 8 years -I would recommend professional installation when it comes to convertible tops.
    For seats, door panels, and just about every other product we manufacture I always say 'give it a try' - but I know just how finicky tops can be first hand.
    I've handled so many installation issues with tops that I couldn't even put a number on it - that said, after almost a decade of selling tops - I paid to have my own installed at a local shop rather than risk messing it up myself. Just my .02's
  11. so when are you guys gunna start making tops? (or more importantly for me) OEM style well liners? ;)
  12. That looks better than I expected. I was thinking it'd be kind of ripply, like the window that I had on my ancient MG. Bit that looks nice and tight. Thanks!
  13. Had my top done... $825.00 out the door with a 5 year warranty




  14. BTW My top is a Robbins Auto top OEM like replacement. Just thought i would give you the heads up.
  15. Where'd you get it done? I could drive to Philly, stay a few days, and still save several hundred dollard.
  16. From experience, pay someone.

  17. Pops, call Wayne Moffa at 215-672-9999 he is the owner of CarNu. He set up the deal with my top. I gave him a heads up and he said for you to call him and he can set something up. His place is located in Warminster, PA. He is a used car dealer. He brokered the deal for my 2000 Vert, and I have him selling my 2013. He also set up the top install.

  18. Nothing like a new top be sure and use ragg top or 303 aerospace on it one or two times per year.
  19. Ok, this is my first vert, so what will those product do for my top?
  20. Protects it from UV and the other elements. There are some great articles on the web for top maint.