Convertible top unglued at rear window

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  1. I need advice on what to do about the canvas becoming unglued at the rear window. It's a used 2005 that is no longer under warranty from Ford (bought from a used car lot). I can already guess that I will either be told to go screw myself, or that it will cost and arm and a leg to have it done by the dealership. So my other option is to take it to an automotive glass repair shop that will probably do it for a decent price. The top has not peeled away totally from the rear glass yet, but given time I'm sure it will. So what are some of your insights and experiences with this situation?

    I searched and only found 1 post.

    Thanks in advance,
  2. Why would you think we would tell you to go screw yourself? If someone does, me or one of the other mods will take care of it. We are all here to help and those who do not may simply move past the thread.

    Here are some sealants that will work to tuck in between the glass and the seam. You can find most of these at Autozone and other national auto parts stores.

    If it makes you feel any better WORST case scenario would be a full replacement top in black vinyl. OEM runs $485- $800. So although it may suck to think in the future that the seams may separate entirely, the cost is not as unachievable as it used to be.

    Based on what I found the window is integrated into the top, therefore, not a great design if someone decides to bust the window, but if this happens, it would be covered under the comprehensive portion of your auto insurance (if you have comp & collision coverage).

    These guys are on the ball and there is a support email at the bottom of the link below. Since they do not have the manual (as they indicate online) I bet you can pop them a real nice email and ask them for some tips. Tell them that when your top craps out you will be back to them for the replacement and I bet they will be more than happy to provide some helpful information for the possible future sale.

    Good Luck. I hope this helps. Please note I spent nearly 45 minutes to an hour researching this information for you. I hope this will change your immediate thought that people on this site and in this forum are not helpful.
  3. Sorry I was not very clear on my statement. I meant that the dealership would tell me to go screw myself. I've been on the forums for a while, and I know that the members here are a helpful bunch. I usually post in the 4.6 forums since I own an '03, but my mom owns the '05 vert.

    Thanks for helping with the reserch, I will be sure to pass the info along to her.

    I would also like to know from other members, if there is any national glass repair franchises/chains that I should avoid, and why.


  4. if there's a history of warranty work on the top, you may be able to claim a previous warranty fix improperly done. I would at least go to a Ford dealership and see. There may be a TSB, you won't know until you investigate a little. Even if you do get told to go away you're no farther behind than you are now.
  5. The used car dealer also should be willing to make it right. I thought even used cars out of factory warranty had some kind of guarantee today.
    I believe a used car dealer who wants to stay in business will take care of the problem.
  6. There is a TSB out for tearing at the 1st and 4th rib, but no TSB for ungluing at the window. I told her about going to the lot where she bought it from as per your advice. It's up to her now. When, and if, she gets it fixed, I'll be sure to post where and how the issue is resolved. :nice:

  7. you're a good son to be helping mom, good for you.
  8. Update

    Well, Mom said that there is only one place in town that can do the work. She said they told here that the rear window will need to be replaced in order to do the repair, and that it can't be simply re-glued. They told her she should go back to Ford and fight it out. I don't see why they would have to replace the glass. I can understand them having to remove it, clean it, apply glue and put it back in, but not "replace" it. Any way they quoted her $700. :eek: I suggested she look for another place that can do the work. She probably stopped with the first one she found, and didn't bother searching for others ( I know my Mom).

    Any suggestions for the Northwest Florida area, as far as a repair place is concerned?
  9. northwest Florida ? Pensacola ? Not a far trip to Mobile, my old college stomping grounds. Heck the drinking age was 19 back in the day so we spent ALOT of time in Pensacola. It's not a bad trip.
  10. Any work you have done on a vert is going to cost a lot unfortunatly that is the nature of the beast.

    It is not all that surprising that you won't find many places that actually work on them they are tricky things at best.

    You really should have her check with the dealer I know this is not the first time I have heard of the window problems with the Mustang tops.
  11. I still think the dealer who sold her the car should pay for it. If not, the dealer is not one I would do business with.
    Convertible tops are tricky. I have a 1966 Mustang convertible. I would not trust just anyone with it.
  12. Well, she called the other Ford delership nearby today, and spoke with the service manager. He told her to bring it in and they woud try to work something out with the paint and body shop in town. So at least she's persuing it and not setteling for a $700 bill.
  13. Instructions

    Does anyone have instructions on how to replace the top on one of these cars?? I'm searching the internet now for them, but no luck.
  14. Are you thinking about working on this yourself?

    If you are I would stongly suggest you don't mess with it. I installed a top on a 64 LeMans and I would NEVER mess with another one again.

    The Ford tops also have liners on them and that makes them even more difficult to work on.

    Let the professionals do the work you will mess it up.
  15. I've considered doing the work, with some help (probably won't though). I would also just like to know what the process is in replacing one, so I don't get some BS story from a repair shop.

    "You know that the flux capacator that drives the canopy motor is broke also? I can fix it for only $2,000." :rolleyes:

    I just like to be prepared. :nice:
  16. I have not seen how an 05+ is installed but the somewhat standard way of doing it is.

    You bolt the back onto the lower frame/car body this normally includes the window also.

    On an older model the window top zips onto the top. I am not sure it the new top does this.. I don't think it does.

    then you strech the top to the various frame bows and attach them (old way was with tacks).

    Then you wrap the top around the header bow and attach.

    There are a number of other steps for apperence etc but that is the general way one is done.

    Now I cannot suggest to you stongly enough not do try it yourself. I fully understand you wanting to take care of things yourself but if you have never done a top before DON'T.

    It will cost you a lot more in the long run if you do.
  17. Update

    Just wanted to finish this thread out. She is going to be able to get the entire top replaced under insurance. I was never able to find any specific instructions on replacing one, but if I ever do, I'll post them.

    Thanks for the input everyone.