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  1. Convertible owners with aftermarket stereo systems it's time to break out the digital cameras and send pics and discription of your systems. This post is for any year mustang convertible all others need not apply unless your car is a convertible. If your back seat has been converted to subwoofers or you have a custom box located in your trunk it dosnt matter send pictures and description. If you car is factory don't post we all know what the factory system looks like. :)

    Example: 2 (model subs) and an ( model amp ) with 6 x 8 or whatever speakers in the quater panels, whatever you have in the doors, dash and whatever head unit.

    If you also had custom work done anywhere else to make different speakers other than the factory sizes fit also show pics of that too if possible.:nice:

    If you have a hard top do not post pics of your system here. :nono: Start your own thread.

    I know some knucklehead with a hardtop will want to show off his system here. Please don't do it.:nono:

    For all you convertible owners that support this thread thanks in advance.
  2. What is this for? Some magazine or website? I was just curious as this post has pretty much been done already.

    I was gonna post mine, but mine is 460 with an added sub. :( and you don't want that....meanie!
  3. convertible's only (car audio)

    Hello ChingonStang

    I'm not trying to be mean it's just that if i don't specify every tom, dick and harry with a convertible will post a pic of his or her stock system. I'm looking for anything different than stock. You said you added a sub. What kind? If it's not stock then you quailfy to post your pics. I'm in the process of redoing my system in my convertible and just wanted some fresh ideas. You know the saying two heads are better than one ( in this case thousands ). You also stated that this was done before. If so where? Thanks for replying.:)
  4. This is my brothers 99 Cobra that I installed a system in. He has a Kenwood KDC-617 CD player, Memphis 4x50 watt 4 channel amp, Memphis 250 watt mono amp, a Kicker L5 10" sub, and I added two sets of Memphis passive crossovers to the factory speakers when I bypass the factory Mach amps. I built the system in the trunk with a removable panel so the spare tire can still be accessed, as well as some extra storage. It's a pretty basic setup, but it sounds good for a convertible.





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    Do you install car audio for a living? Damn that looks good. Its like custom, but also has a stock look. How many cubic feet space is the sub getting? How does it sound with the top up and down? Now thats what every convertible owner want's bass with space.:nice:
  6. not me; i wanted showy style ;)

    space would be nice but i barely had any to begin with so no big deal.


    Excelon 600w Amp, Rockford Fosgate 12" subwoofer, Directed Audio 1F Capacitor,
    and custom wrap-around panels to cover the amp rack & sub box, as well as fill out all the space.

    The rest of the system includes Infinity 6.5" Reference speakers in the doors,
    JBL tweeters in the dash, Stinger platinum battery terminals, and a Pioneer CD/mp3 player in a custom DIN plate.

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  7. Yes I do install for a living, and I wanted to make this one look like it was "factory". This particular box is approximatly .9 cubic feet which is about perfect for the Kicker sub, and is about as big as you can go and still retain a good amount of strorage. The bass sounds great with the top up, but as with any convertible when the top is down and cruising at freeway speeds there is significantly less output. A larger amp would obviously help that. Here is a pic of the same gear that I had installed in his old 93 cobra, and this one was significantly louder because of the hatchback. I designed this one with several quick disconnects for the wiring so it could be removed in just a couple of minutes when he went to the track or needed to haul something.


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  8. convertibles only car audio

  9. I am getting my system finished today. I will have two 10's in the spare tire well using that space as the box. I will take pictures and post when it's done.

    System: Kenwood Excelon KDC-X591
    Zapco 360
    MB Quart reference in front and rear.
    2 Image dynamics 10's
  10. convertibles only car audio

    I can't wait to check it out. Make sure you post lot's of pics.:)

    Thanks in advance
  11. The interior is still out of the car, but i will download some pics this weekend. How do i post on this forum?
  12. Just hit the insert image button....:bang:
  13. Nice Installs! Keep em' coming. I plan to have a custom install done this Spring for 2 10" MA Audio subs and an MA Audio amp. Anybody have a custom install w/a nitrous bottle mounted in the trunk? I like seeing these pix so I can get some ideas going. Thanks!
  14. Hopefully you can see the subs, they are JL 10w3s in the spare tire well. I took the spare out, and fiberglassed the bottom of the enclosure, then added a wooden top, lots of bondo and more fiberglass, couple sheets of dynamat extreme and that's it. The suede insert matches the cobra insert on my seats. The amps are the JL 500/1 and 450/4. For a deck I have an eclipse double-din CD/DVD/NAV/SIRIUS unit. The front stage is a set of OZ matrix Elite seperate with cutom tweeter mounts (since they are smaller than the Mach 460 ones), and a custom plate for the 6.5" mid-ranges in the doors. In the rear I used a mid-bass rockford old school punch 5.25". If you need to see more pictures go to the cars website at myspace, it's "tributestang".

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  15. On my pix if you look you'll see that my sub are offset to the left. That's because of two reasons: #1 the spare tire well is deepest in that area, and I wanted to have space on the right for my nitrous. Plenty of space!

    Also, I'll call this the ALL EBAY system as I bought every piece from there except the front OZ speakers, and spent only $1500 for the Eclipse double-din, sirius tuner, both amps and both subs.

    The enclosure has pretty close to 9 gallons of space. (I don't remember the conversion), but after I bondo and fiberglassed it up, I poured in water from an old 1 gallon milk jug. It fit 9, and I probably could have gone a tad more. The total cubic inches ended up being 2079. So 1728 is one cubic ft of airspce, so about 1.2 cubic feet of airspace, plus maybe a few cups more for both 10s-so about .6 cubic ft per sub.
  16. Mine looks exactly like yours. Except the subs are flush and I have metal grills covering them.
  17. convertible's only (car audio)

    Hey nosjunke thanks for posting and all the details.:nice: How does that thing sound with the top up and down? 88-378 post your pics anyway. Since one install was done in SC and one done in GA i really can't believe both installs would look the exact same. If they do maybe it was the same shop in different places that did the install or maybe thats the standard for convertibles with wheel well sub boxes.:shrug:
  18. It can't be the same shop, I did mine.

    The sound is amazing! top up or top down! My front stage is tough to beat. In fact the OZ speakers I bought were the only speakers to ever get a perfect score in IASCA competition (They weren't cheap though-get what you pay for). The bass seems to carry quite a ways in the convertable with the top down, so that's bad for me. I like it loud, but don't want to show off with a loud stereo. I'd rather have them hear me cammimng around with the 18lbs of D-series blower.