converting 1/8 to 1/4

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  1. is there program or someone knows how to. my time was 10.038 at 72.35 with a 2.304 60'. i ended bending a exhaust valve halfway down the track. oh well P.I. conversion here i come.
  2. I've seen (1/8 ET x 1.55), (1/8 ET x 1.56) and (1/8 ET x 1.57).
  3. HMP? Come to Baytown Friday (if weather permits) to run at HRP.

    I should be there hopefully.
  4. i went to the track in dallas called yellow belly. it was a crappy track. worse yet i messed up my stang. i'm in the process of fixing it. hopefully i'll get back out....with a better time.
  5. When do you think the car will be back up and running? What mods are you putting on it?
  6. i'm putting a 98 gt motor in with the pi swap. i'm also eventually putting 4.10 in the rear with a rear end rebuild kit and timing adjuster. i already have longtubes, catted h and catback. i also have underdrive pulleys, cold air intake and superchips 1725 programmer.
  7. Should go with a 99+ motor ;)

    I wouldn't mind running you at HRP since our mods are pretty close (I also have the 4r70w). Once you get the PI swap however, you'll walk all over me :)
  8. I got a 98 GT too.
  9. no.... use the pi swapped 98. higher compression = more power than 99+.

  10. HEY I go to baytown every couple weeks! I may be there sunday, in either case its good to meet a local stangnetter!
  11. Everyone wants to bully on my poor auto 98 gt:(

    Where do you live?