Converting to a mach 460 system

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  1. I just bought a 98 gt last week, it does not have the mach 460 system, im guessing just the basic stereo with cd/tape, I was wondering on how hard it is to convert it to the mach 460 sound system, this may be a stupid question,??? How hard is it to do it, and is it possible, and what would I need besides the tweeters, door speakers, amps, rear speaker?? what kinda wiring or anything else, any help is appreciated...

    Thanks Gary
  2. My advice would be to go with an aftermarket head unit and speakers. Don't get me wrong... the Mach sound systems are very nice for what they are. Stock. But I wouldn't pay to have one put into my car. You can buy and build a much better system than the Mach's for not much more money. I'd go with an Alpine head (or your preference) and then add component speakers. :nice:
  3. Yep - what he said...

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  4. what if you can get the whole Mach 460 set up and install it for less than $100? Would it be worth it then? Also, how can you fit the 6-disc changer from a 2000 GT into a 94GT?
  5. that sounds like a very good deal. Also, I am sure you can rig something up-if not sell it to me. thanx
  6. I have a system in my other car, i just wanted to make it a mach 460, it sounds decent in other mustangs, i was just wondering how ard it would be to install, what would I need, It looks like i can get almost everything off ebay for a cheap price, has anyone turned the stock mustang system into a mach 460?...

  7. I'm in the middle of doing it right now for my 95.

    The reason I'm not going with aftermarket is I want to keep the 95 "Genuine Ford".

    Parts you'll need to get will be:
    two door tweeters (and their door mount adapters)
    door-mounted 5x7"s (different from stock)
    rear speaker box for a coupe (different from stock)
    two rear quarter-panel boxes for a convertible
    rear speaker box cover (I guess you don't HAVE to have this)
    two tweeters in the rear speaker box
    two 5x7"s in the rear speaker box (different from stock)
    two rear amps mounted on the underneath of the speaker box
    in-dash amp underneath radio player (different from stock)
    Mach 460 front wiring harness (connects to rear wiring harness, speaker harnesses, power supply, radio/cassette, and optionally slave CD player)
    Mach 460 rear wiring harness (connects to front wiring harness, rear speaker box, rear amps)
    Mach 460 speaker harnesses

    Things to note
    The door-mounted speakers have different wiring adapters than the rear speakers, which means they're not drop-in replacements for each other.
    The in-dash amp will have 3 wiring connectors, vs. the stock 2 connectors.
    Intact Mach 460 wiring harnesses are fairly difficult to find on eBay. There are front wiring harnesses for a radio/cassette only, and there are front wiring harnesses for radio/cassette + a CD player.
    The in-dash amp acts as a signal splitter, sending the high ends to the tweeters and the mids/lows to the woofers. The stock in-dash amp sends full signal to every speaker.
    The rear wiring harnesses are different for coupes and convertibles, for obvious reasons.

    I'm 90% done; I just need the darn door speaker harnesses which I might end up needing to order from a salvage yard/dealer.

    Getting the parts on eBay has cost me about $250 so far, vs. the $1000 it takes to order a new Mach 460 kit plus whatever the dealer wants to charge for installation. :nice: Watch out for people selling on eBay "complete" Mach 460 systems which don't include the harnesses, the in-dash amp or other Mach 460 parts you'll need to complete the swap. You can get some nice bargains on package deals like that, but understand at the same time what you're NOT getting.
  8. You're talking about the double-DIN size 6-disc changer introduced in 2001 Mustangs, right? You'd have to custom fit a double-DIN slot into the dash of the 94 - also, you'd have to make a custom wiring harness. The Mach 460 wiring harnesses changed in either 98 or 99, I forget which, and so the in-dash plugs for the speaker harnesses and power supply will not mate up with the 2001+ Mach front wiring harness, and the 94-97(8) harness will not mate up with the 2001 CD changer.
  9. Thanks for the help man, seems like it is alot of work to do, so its like pretty much re wiring the whole stereo, this is going in a 98 gt, I do not want to put the 6 disc in dash in, but just keep whats in it now...My best luck would be to find the harness in a salvage yard?? and if you can find any harness's anywhere could you let me know, I can get the amps and the speakers...
    Thanks for your help
  10. Also when you put the tweeters in, is there going to be something to hook them into, or is that another harness that hooks to the door speakers???
  11. In the past 4 months, I've seen about 5 Mach 460 wiring harnesses on eBay:
    2 front and rear sets, alone
    1 front and rear set that came as a package deal with most of the rest of the system
    2 rear sets that came with the rear speakers and amps

    As far as availability goes, finding a Mach 460 harness set at a salvage yard will probably be much faster than waiting for a good one to pop up on eBay... but also more expensive.

    I haven't seen with my own eyes yet the Mach 460 speaker harnesses, which is why I'm considering calling up some salvage yards. The stock 95 speaker harnesses I have don't have any attachment points for the tweeters.
  12. i really didnt car about the guy not including the head unit since i plan to get an aftermarket one later on. however, will the wiring work ok? this system i bought is out of a 94 stang and mines a 00. u mentioned some things changing by the years.