Converting to a mach 460 system

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  1. Just so you know, the pioneers he has listed are not made for the Mach 460. They are the same size, but they are not "drop-in replacements" for the stockers. He probably got rid of it because it didn't sound as good as he'd hoped. The stock mids are low-passed, so dropping a set of 4-ways was a waste of time. You run the risk of frying the amps, also, because they're not made to be run at that low of impedance. Also, ask him if he included the front amp, that's situated under the HU. This one's for the tweeters and without it, it won't work.

    My guess is that he wasn't happy with the way it sounded after he installed the pioneer's, and he went aftermarket rather than replacing them with stock mids.

    What wiring exactly did he say was included?
  2. only my tweeters are making sound
    every now and then the bass kicks in
    i think it might be an amp
    how can i bypass that one amp with everything stock
    and add 1 after market amp
    just to the normal speakers
  3. hey bbrinks, my car already has the front tweeters and they already work so im guessing the front hu already has the amp? anyways, i asked him if he included the wiring needed to play the speakers and he said yes, so i dont know wut wiring he was refering to. wut should i do then? i was planning to install these 6x8s with an aftermarket amp and buy an aftermarket hu. keep in mind the only reason i did this was because my car (00 gt) came with the mach gutted. it was supposed to have the mach in it already but it was missing.
  4. Id did mine myself

    I put a mach 460 system in my 94 gt and i've never been happier. Cost me around $300 off Ebay cause Ebay is awesome.

    To the guy whos bass is cutting out...check your ground wire that should be mounted on a screw somewhere under the driver side dash board. Im hessitant to say its an amp because the one amp fires the front speakers and the other fires the rear, when i unplug my one amp all the rear speakers shut off, and i think it does the same for the front (not sure about that tho and I dont have my care as school to check it). Just check some of the wiring.

    To anyone who wants to put in a Mach 460...The easiest things to get are the door and rear speakers, the rear tweeters and the amps. The hardest things to get are the upper door tweeters with the housing, nobody wants to let go of those things, you'll probably pay quite a bit for them. A note about wiring...becareful becase ford switched the wiring several times. Most notable is the front to rear wiring harness that connects the rear box to the connector by the dead pedal under the driver side dash. There are THREE different versions one has a sqaure connector(94, maybe 95), one is ovalish(96-98) and one is completely different(convertable). Don't exactly quote me on the years just take a look no matter what sound system originally came with the car it has the front harness in it. The other wiring things to look out for is there are two different versions of the cd to tape to front amp harness. One is one piece, the other is two pieces, not that big a deal you can spice wires together if you buy the wrong ones.

    If anyone has any other questions, you can send me a Personal Message, Id be more then happy to help you out, whether is setting up the system or just buying parts.
  5. Mach 460

    I have the MACH 460 in my 2003 convertable. Its great for a stock. But i wasnt something better. I want an aftermarket cd player and some Rockford Fosgate subs to have bass. And if I could have chosen a regular stereo i would now have made it in a heartbeat. Just because i know i can make it better. Maybe its just me, but aftermarket is the way to go.
  6. laser2kgt:
    If you're going to get an aftermarket HU and amp for the speakers, I'd say save your money on the Mach, and get a nice component set. If you run the factory tweeters along with the aftermarket 6x8's, you might run into some cancellation issues. It's too bad you already bought it, though. A nice component set would run you ~150, and you could use the stock Mach460 tweeter pods for the tweets.
  7. alright, bbrinks, u know ur stuff, so wut do u recomend i do with wut i have so far? the system i purchased is pretty much the entire mach 460 but with four of those pioneer 6x8s. wut do i do, keep the 6x8s and sell the rest or wut? im concerned now. would those pioneers serve as a good component system? any advice would be nice.
  8. I have a 98 gt, I am just confused a little about the whole wiring idea, is it difficult, I have installed many aftermarket systems, I just want to keep the interior pretty much stock on this car, but it didnt come with the mach 460, just the cd tape player....anyone that can help will be appreciated, I havent started to buy things yet off ebay or a salvage yard, I just want to figure out the whole wiring, do you have to rewire the whole audio system from the radio to all the amps??? and is there only that one amp for the stock system???

    Thanks Gary
  9. Laser: I'd just run the 6x8's, since you said you were going to run a new HU anyway. It's probably easiest then to just run new speaker wire to the speakers straight from the HU. I'm not a fan of 3/4-way speakers, but they should sound a lot better than stock. I'd just sell the rest of the equipment on ebay or here on the classifieds. A lot of people are looking for stock Mach amps and tweeters.
  10. Mach 460 wiring


    The wiring is pretty simple. The first things you need to make sure of is that you have the right radio. You need this one:

    If you have that radio then all you need a cd player and the (cd player to tape player) harness:
    (that ones way too expensive)

    Now depending on if you have the premium sound or not, All the other wiring such as the (radio to front amp), the (amp to underdash) and the (underdash to doors) should all be there already you just need speakers/tweeters. Since you have a tape player you should have the premium sound factory option.

    The next thing you need is the rear tray with speakers and amps and the (front to back) wiring harness that connects right under the dead pedal in the driverside compartment.

    Wiring it all up is actually really easy, all the harnesses can really only go to one place. The hardest things to do are remove the headunits and getting behind the rear interior panels because you should need to plug one of the conector ends in there as well as stretch the wiring through.
  11. hey thanks, the tape player you showed from ebay isnt that same exact one that I have, put i have the tape/cd, it should be a premium system, since I have Gt, yeah im looking on ebay and salvage yards to find what i need, I havent started yet, but it seems pretty simple, I was thinking that I would have to rewire the whole stereo and speakers with all different harnesses, any help is appreciated.....

    Thanks Gary
  12. 98GT4.6

    If you have the tape and CD your pretty much set to go, all you need is the upgraded speakers (2 front 6X9 , 2 front tweeters and assemblies, and the rear box with two woofers and two tweeters), and the two rear amps (should come with the rear box) Only wiring you need is the front to rear harness that runs under the rug everything else should be there already.