Fuel Converting to Return Style???


New Member
Mar 24, 2021
I've got a 2004 Mustang GT that I am finishing up a b-head 4v swap on. I'm having to use the return style rail off the SN Cobras, but I'm plugging the return leg and relocating the FRPS to where the regulator sits on the SN rail. With this rail in place, I'm considering a winter time project of upgrading the fuel system and converting to return style. My search skills must be :poo:, because I can't seem to really locate any good topics on the matter and I've given up on my usual FaceBook groups/pages for advice. I've already planned for -8 supply, -6 return, probably an Aermotive pump (I plan on boosting the car in the future and I had good luck with one in my boosted 96 Mystic) and regulator, a return style hat, and a terminator tank. How do you go about converting to return style? What needs removing, what needs upgrading, do I need to change the tune? I'm looking for some detailed writeups as I'm learning something new every step of the way with this car.
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