Cool abandoned buildings to use as a backdrop for car pics

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  1. Wrong thread :D:rlaugh:
  2. Go to the restoration thread for that... :D

    The Casino does look pretty good. You think the openings are large enough to get a car in there?
  3. I think so. I'd have to take a ride and check :nice:
  4. Tiger Stadium is gone now....

    A customer told me that one wall is standing, the outfield and infield...that's it. I'll have to go down there soon, but the construction on I75 is crazy right now...f that
  5. Hey 1990coupe, check out this link. There is a lot of smaller stuff out near you.
  6. strtrcr50, how do you find these places? im up in morris county new jersey an would love to get some pics of my car in front of somethin like you have been posting.
  7. thats bad ass! I'll have to check some of those places out! I want to finish the car and this gives me reasons to take her out for a drive :)

    Asbury Park has a huge amount of history. In its hayday back in the late 1800's early 1900's it was a presegious place that all the rich went to. In later years Elvis owned a hotel there i believe (or someone really famous). As the years went on, places like LA and disneyland took over, and less and less people went to Asbury. (Before LA movies were filmed in the New York New Jersey area). So the place is littered with history all around.. Abandoned pieces of time. Most have been torn down as they are trying to revive the area, and others are slated for restoration. the Casino being one of them.

    the Casino was famous for its indoor carousel along with ice skating, and many other indoor games. Hopefully we can access the Casino cause that place would be sweet to take some pictures inside!
  8. I've been into it for years. Also, just like everything else, there's some pretty good forums in regards to urban exploration. Last off, I have google earth and I'll pick an area that I know is pretty industrial and start looking for stuff. If I find something in the middle of nowhere, I go check it out.
  9. 82capriRs, the Essex County Hospital is near you. I have a few pics in a post on the first page. Here's a link to a LOT more.
    Essex County Hospital
    Much as I don't usually do this, I believe this to be the address.
    CEDAR GROVE, NJ 07009

    To the best of my knowledege, they demo'd 2 buildings and the rest are slated for the wrecking ball. Don't know a time frame though. It's a little far for a casual drive and the wife isn't too interested in exploring abandoned mental asylums and their tunnel systems with me. I might have to sneak up there soon on a friday while she's working tho.

    PS. I was just informed by jrxybullit that it IS illegal to be on the grounds there and if you go at night and get caught, you will get arrested for tresspassing. I'd suspect getting caught in a building will also earn you a ride in a police car. He said he got permission to take some pics, so if you go, good luck and post your results.
  10. Another Asbury Park Building. Not sure if it is demo'd or not.
  11. Also, greystone park. It is a still functioning asylum in morris county with a fair amount of abandoned buildings. I'll ask around about taking pics of the abandoned buildings.
  12. I'm not sure you'd want to drive your car through that much sand to get to the actual beach area.

    And that casino would be a prime spot for some shoots. (AND some rigs as well)
  13. I haven't been to Asbury Park in a couple of years. It had to be one of the most corrupt as far as govt went for years. Project after project went bankrupt. It got to the point where only Howard Johnson's was open and the place was like a ghost town which is bizarre considering it is a beach in NJ. Even when I went as a kid and Palace Amusements was open, there weren't many people there. I know they are trying to revitalize it but they keep encountering problems. Here's a couple of pics from the citys website from this summer. Next to nobody on the beach.
  14. My aunt lived in Asbury Park back in the early 80s I believe and like you said it went downhill fast from there. She said it was never a nice place to be, when she lived there.
  15. Cool thread. I would love to be able to explore some of these places.

    Is this location used in GTA IV? I've never been there but it looks strangely familiar. I need a life. lol
  16. naah. never used in gta4.
  17. as much as i would love ot take pics in front of those buildings, im not lookin forward to gettin another tresspassing on my record. im tryin to stay outta the cop cars an trouble as i have 18 points on my license an just got my license back. as for greystone, i've been there an alot of cops are always around tryin to catch people just walkin through there...i think it would be nearly impossible to get in there with a car without getting in alot of trouble. needless to say, the thought of tryin it is still goin through my head lol.
  18. Graystone has been demo'd
  19. I was under the impression that the kirkbride was on the historic registry and couldn't be demo'd. Are you referring to the outbuildings or everything?