Cool abandoned buildings to use as a backdrop for car pics

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  1. as far as i know the whole place was not demo'd but some part of greystone was either takin down or they were doin some work on it. havent been there in a couple years though so idk
  2. Don't forget Detroit! Here is the old Michigan Central Depot.... 02.jpg

    Ther are quite a few other pics of existing "Old" buildings in Detroit here... Forgotten Detroit
  3. Man, I love this stuff. I don't see how people let huge buildings and houses go like that, the whole Buffalo thing is almost unreal. Never knew that, crazy to think about really.
  4. yeh that part of Buffalo that empty is bigger than the town i live in. There is an old coal temple in Muddy and a partaly abandoned russan (sp) orthodox church that ive been in, it has a flag old enough that its missing a few stars. ill see i if i cant get some pics.
  5. I found something in PA for 25th, 90 coupe and I to do a shoot. I'm gonna pass on posting the name of the location for the time being tho. It's legal to be in there, but questionable for pics. If we don't hit asbury park, this looks like the place..

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    FWIW, it's another semi abandoned asylum. Thanks to PAexplorations, Krush and ElPeecho for pics..
  6. look at the copper gutters and over the porch! that place cost a ton to build. sad to see how some of these buildings are in such a state of disuse :nonono:

  7. hence the reason I usually don't post too much location info. I don't want to help the ******* scrappers.
  8. 100_05041.jpg
    at one time this was the smallest post office in the country. they moved a moble home type office in accros the street from it. But it is abandoned so i guess it counts

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    This use to be where they loaded coal onto trains when the coal mines were there. Its state property now and they will bust yo ass if they catch you there.
    Im guessing that its 80-100 years old and will probably last another 80 if its not knocked down first.
  9. Those pictures are awesome. I would love to go to some more places.. I have been to Marlboro State Psychiatric Hospital in Jersey, but there was way too much security to do anything...
  10. Hey, that looks familiar! (I live just down the road)
    The only catch is that to get in you have to stay at their B&B and it is not cheap.
    You can barely see it from the road now and .the family that owns it also has been selling off their land so a lot of houses have sprung up all around.
    The house does look like that though!
  11. anaconda4.jpg

    anaconda wire here in hastings

    I can go there anytime
  12. I live right near there (about a mile away). There has not been motor vehicle assess to it since the bridge that provided the only motor vehicle access burned down in 1995. It is a pennisula that extends out into Bridgeport Harbor with half in Bridgeport and half in Stratford. On the Stratford side (called Long Beach West), there are about 40 abandoned cottages. On the Bridgeport side (called Pleasure Beach) is an abandoned amusement park. All of this is visible in the pictures in the link. You either have to walk across the land bridge or go by boat. My dad and I took a walk out there last year to check everything out. If you go up to the cottages to look around, you take the chance on getting a ticket for trespassing because the area is video monitored. As far as I know, you can still walk along the beach. Earlier this year three of the cottages burned down. I know the guy that called it in to the police. He was walking down the beach at the time. They thanked him by giving him a ticket for tresspassing.

    The Stratford side (Long Beach West) is currently the subject of debate in Stratford. The town wants to sell it to make it a wildlife sanctuary. It is going to a vote in November.
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