1. The speeding ticket thread reminded me about the other night. Me, my g/f and another couple we are friends with met up at Applebees Saturday night and afterwards were going to another town to go bowling. On our way their we called another friend and asked if he wanted to go. So Me and Nina are heading to pick him up and are out in the middle of no-where and I have a Suburban in front of me and a car behind me. Well we hit a little off ramp w/ a stop sign and take off again. The Suburban is pulling away real quick and the car is catching up, my sppeo is way off with my gears so I think I am doing only 45mph the way the suburban is pulling away. Well I drop it in 4th and speed up then hit 5th and just cruise. Well now I see lights behind me flip on and then right off, then the same again. So I pull over and the cop pulls next to me and rolls down the window. I look over and smile and ask how he's doing and he laughs and says "you didn't need to stop, just letting you know I am back here. I have one to and know how it is, be carefull w/ that thing" and them he laughs. So I say alrighty then and pull away and he follows me to town. We go and pick up Shane and then hit the gas station, and guess who is there! Yep, the cop! Nina and Shane get out and I go to get some gas. No more do I get out of the car the cop is coming out towards me. He walks over laughing saying "so , thats 90' huh" and so on. I'm like yeah, just picked it up a week ago and he asks what all is done to it and this and that just admiring the Stang!!!! Then he see's on of my headlights is all yellowed out and he asks me if I know how to fix that. I'm like yeah, buy a new one:D He's like hell no, and gives me a step by step process on how to buff out the yellowness. Man, I couldnt get away from him until some kid who had gas siphened out of his car came up to tell him about it and I shook his hand and snuck away.

    btw. I asked him and he said I was doing 73 in a 55, oops:shrug:
  2. I know how the "off speedo" thing works. It got better with the AOD-to-T5 swap, but it isn't perfect yet.
  3. yea alot of cops are cool......i remember when i was younger i was up the street races and i was in my friends car and he got pulled over and he said just go home lol
  4. North Carolina state troopers do that alot. You'll come over a hill, and there will be one staring at you. Unless you're really flyin' along, they'll just hit their lights momentarily to warn you, and wave as you go by. Get's the ol' heart going though!