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  1. What are you cool stories of run ins with people on the road while driving your mustang?

    Today, when i was on the freeway, an integra with a 20's girl in the passenger seat was smiling and looking over at my fastback, and i saw her mouth out "its so pretty". Her and her man-friend were kinda looking for a few seconds, and then i stomped on it, and while i pulled away, i saw her huge smile. It was cool.

    Anybody have fun experiences on the road?
  2. Yes, but some can't be mentioned here. Newer cars are nice, but nothing turns heads better than a classic!
  3. I've only had my car for a little less then two years and last summer is was up in the air the first half. I would say my car was an impulse buy that I questioned for the first few days. About three weeks after I bought it I was driving into a parking lot right by a car full of girls who were pulling out. All of them were screaming nice car and etc. That never happened to me in the grandprix.

    I have not questioned purchasing the car since then. :)
  4. i was in the mustang with my brother driving at a stop light a few blocks from my house. this older guy (30+) next to us has an older bmw m3 but he doesnt look the type to do anything. but when it turns green he takes off and so does my brother. he gets off better but then we easily pass him and leave him on the overpass. it was cool hah
  5. One time I was coming off th freeway onto Foothill Blvd. There was a kid in a car going the other way and he almost fell out of the window trying to give me the thumbs up. I've had a lot of stuff happen like that, but that one always sticks out in my memory.
  6. I was heading down the off ramp on I-10 the other day turning left when an older gentlemen with a lifted 4x4 pulled up next to me (turning right) and said nice car with a big thumbs up. As he pulled forward I saw a big NO RICE sticker on his bumper.

    Not the best story I got, but I got a kick out of it.
  7. Oh Man, where do I start?

    Miss English leather pageants with the Deceiver, Open tracking the Mach 1, some of Chepie's first drives,

    I've written two articles on some car stories for Hemmings Mustang Mag, see if any make print!
  8. During rush hour traffic this morning (just happen to have my Stang today) a 4 door Honda pulls up to the right of me (I'm already in the slow lane) at a stop light. He's not turning right. Okay, so I leave him in the dust, then going DOWNHILL he finally catches up and speeds past me on the left side. Can you say population control. I just hope he doesn't hurt someone else.
  9. We were down in San Deigo last weekend,
    while making a left turn on the green arrow,
    This Guy driving a mini van rolling up to stopped traffic hits the Car in front of him sitting at the red light.
    Not real hard but it was :rlaugh:

  10. I have this "thing" about mini vans and chic cars (no offense intended). My lady friend and I always look at male drivers who drive mini vans and chic cars (Miata, new VW bugs, etc.) More than not, these drivers look like zombies, just that blank stare in their face. Sorry, didn't mean to hijack the thread.
  11. hampton beach strip, hot summer night, everyone with a nice car cruises the strip, my buddy decided it would be fuin to count how many compliments the stang got, it was well over 60. Gotta love when girls with thier bf's are gawking over your ride. haha i love my stang...
  12. One night i was getting into my friends car (my stang was parked next us) since we were going to get something to eat, and this girl with her BF walk by just staring at my car. Then, after they are out of sight, the girl comes back and yells " Oh My God, what a nice car!". So i say (while getting into my friends car) "thanks" and she says " Bull**** thats not your car" So i show her the keys and show off the car a bit. It was just funny how she screamed over it and came back. Oh the fun i will have once i get it back from the paint shop.
  13. Ok, one for each stang:

    Eleanor-the only show we went to, last year. She was pretty rough lookin, with the big dent, blue hood, multi colored primer spots, and missing one headlight (we couldn't find the trim ring ANYWHERE-found it about 10 minutes after we got home). So I put the 1:24 scale Eleanor on the roof, to give people an idea of what the finished product would look like. A guy in his 20's spots the model, makes a beeline to the car. I see hime checking it out, so I get up to explain the whole "eleanor" thing. I barely said "that's what she's going to look like when done", and he's like "you're bulding an ELENAOR?! I always wanted to do that!!". He was totally stoked by the fact that we were taking a beat up 73 Mach and making an Eleanor...

    The 00: JUST bought the car. It was November, but it hadn't snowed yet, so tere was no salt. Out for a cruise, top down (@40 degrees). Old guy in a beat up truck with Harley stickers all over it pulls along side at a light. Glances over. Double take, wtf look. Gives us a thumbs up right as the light changes and we go....
  14. I also get a lot of thumbs up, but from the nice looking chics. This happens while I'm driving my Mustangs. And I am a 51 year old fat, hairy and greasy looking bastard. How do you like that.