1. I think this pic looks pretty good. 31F5D8BF-3FAE-4F6A-BE43-CDB3546C1515_1.jpg
  2. That didn't turn out right. I thought it was the cropped version
  3. Well I think this looks better lol image.jpg
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  4. Wouldnt want them tires to touch the ground now would ya
  5. No my dad gets p issed if I spray tire shine on the asphalt lol
  6. what mods am i missing? I keep seeing all these pics with your cars upside down and on their sides. How do you get your car to do that when you park? does your paint get scratched?
  7. He cant see straight, hes getting old like the rest of us

  8. He said you're an idiot.
  9. I no gets it I stoopid lol