Cool video of fun day, and pics.

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  1. Hey guys, me and my buddy were bored so we thought we'd spend an hour or so getting some pics and making a video. Nothing long or special, but I really wanted to do something with this music so I put this together real quick, Windows movie make has horrible quality, really made the videos look like crap but oh well, here it is, enjoy, and here are some pics I took with my buddys 20D.

    (here is one of the clips from the video, for anyone not knowing what I mean when I say the bullets explode when you hit it, heres a perfect example, this video turns me on hehe)

    And I know, hoodgapage.






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  2. looks. good. pretty cool how youc an still break lose with slicks :nice: it thought your stang was a 91?
  3. nah 93. I will say the slicks hook VERY GOOD on the street, but their not meant to hook on the street. Depending on the road, condition, and how clean they are, i can get a dead hook or spin through first on the street. Everygear after first though is just a hard bark and pulls like a mother. At the track is another story.

    You see my buddy in his little civic powershifting trying to catch up to me haha, hes a funny kid.
  4. nice pics....what kind of rims are those on the back (i know the fronts are draglites)? Only reason I ask is because of how the lug nuts kinda countersunk into the rim. Gong to the OSW this week by chance?
  5. Their pacer. When I first got the slicks I was looking for the cheapest thing I could find, just to find an extra set of rear wheels to put slicks on, I even bought a pair of 10 holes. But I found a deal for those 2 rear pacer draglites with MT ET street already on them for 150 for the both! I couldnt pass up that offer so I picked them up. Ended up loving how they looked so I got the front welds new off summit. So they look the same but if you look at the details you can tell their different wheels. I love them though, i dont know what it is about those rear wheels but I can fit an 11.5 tire on them and I still have my quadshocks, im guessing its the backspacing on them but I still cant figure out why they work haha. And nah im not going to bw heading out to OSW, not till I get the heads on whitch will hopfully be this weekend if money permits. If the heads go on this weekend, next friday not this friday coming up ill be at OSW, im gonna get my car weighed while im out there aswell.
  6. how far are you from Dayton?
  7. good deal man, good luck with the install :)
  8. Thanks.

    Dayton? or Daytona? Never heard of dayton.

    Im about 45 mins from Daytona though.
  9. nice vid, car looks good
  10. yeah sorry. i will be down there soon :D whats the closet track to it btw if you know?
  11. Im not from around there, so their may be a small track somewhere I dont know about but the most well known track in central florida is Orlando speed world. Thats probably about 45mins to an hour from daytona.
  12. ok kool. are there any type of cars they wont let run.
  13. Please explain what are we "watching out" for???
  14. What'sa the name of that song? I know it;s from the Matrix
  15. More like an hour and 15 minutes. I think its the only track in central florida next to gainsville which is more north.
  16. You take some nice pics man. :nice:
  17. Sorry?

    Just because your car isnt fast enough to put watch out in the video dosent mean you have to be jealous. Its just a video, its suposed to be "badass" honestly who is going to have to watch out for me? Your funny little comments arent working out too good for you anymore nick :nice:

    Yea its from the matrix soundtrack, Its called "clubbed to death".

    Thanks for the positive feedback guys.
  18. Car sounds great.

    Now I at least have an idea of what mine will sound like when I get the bullets installed.

    PM me when you guys are headin out to the track next. Its been a while and the 88 hasn't made a pass yet so I'd like to see what it will do.
  19. sounds good
  20. sounds great, havent seen you out there in a while. Youll love the bullets.