Cool video of fun day, and pics.

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  1. hahah honestly, i wasnt trying to "keep up". the whole point was to get video of his car...we were in no way racing and he also started a good ammount of time before me.

    im glad you will think it will be cool if its built nice and looks clean, but honestly, who are you to tell me if my dreams are false or not.

    im not trying to fight with you, as we are all car enthusiasts, but honestly, how can you justify saying that?
  2. I think I like your civic, as long as those are actually nice rims and not rims w/o hubcaps for weight reduction(lol) then it is a pretty clean lookin ride. Just don't do many/any body mods and I think it will be a pretty good end product
  3. how many turbo imports ever get into the 11's? one in 50, if that. its a game of odds man. im not saying you CANT do it, im just saying it isnt likely.

  4. well i guess we'll see in the results...the guy that is building it builds turbo hondas for a living so i hope it lives up to what ive been hoping it will.

    grey5.0beast - they are actual rims lol. they are flat black Speedline rims...they are Spoon replicas.
  5. k then... clean ride :nice:
  6. the things imports lack is TORQUE! hp means jack crap on a street car. i dont even try to calculate what power i am making, never have been to a dyno and probably never will with my car. i hate when people ask how much HP i have. i have no idea and if i do give them a realistic guess of around 280 HP they are like "thats its, i have a friend who has 500 hp truck" or any fast cars they say.

    no telling how many "500 hp trucks" and "fast ass imports" i have beaten in my measly 280 HP mustang that runs a consistant 14.

    sure these newer civics and crap may make over 200 hp but have like 140 ft/lbs. the 140 ft/lbs may be moving quick with its 200 horse but its still 140 ft/lbs. torque is what matters on a street car and its what an engine makes after all, horsepower is a figure, not an actual force.
  7. +1000. torque is the real moneymaker.
  8. So your saying we shouldnt even measure hp anymore cause torque is the only thing that matters?
  9. hp sells cars, torque wins races...

    sry still not helping:D
  10. lol dude you and i both know they're not saying that:nono:
  11. HP matters, HP is how fast the torque is working. u have to have both to have an effect car. if somehow u had something with of hp but hardly any torque it wont move worth crap. and u can look at it opposite, big ol diesels. they have mad torque and lower HP, they have the power but the torque doesnt work nearly as fast.

    civics and other import just lack the torque which is SUPER important for street car. a civic just isnt the best place to start in my eyes lacking 4 cyls it just doesnt have the torqey sotp feel of a v8, that why i chose a mustang. with 300 ft/lbs stock and a decent 200 Hp they are pretty fast out of the box and since is a v8 they respond super well to the right mods.

    but hell i dont care what car a person a car has.
    this civic should turn out to be potent sure but put the same amount of money you would spend on a civic and put it into a mustang and you would have a demon on your hands.
  12. I wasnet disagreeing with you, just wasent sure if you were saying hp should be forgotten in the car world. Thats why I built my combo for low end torque.
  13. hehe to sum it up HP does matter, you cant have a fast car and not have HP.

    but for a street car torque is king. almost all street races are less than one block long and its all torque, moving from a stop and just getting the car moving, Hp doesnt even come into play in such a short race.
  14. :nice: Thats why we own a mustang!
  15. im predicting around 300tq for the car...based off of other builds i have looked at when they posted the dyno results.

    but yeah, i miss my GT's torque....and sliding the ass end all around :D
  16. not sure if you guys are interested...but this is a compilation video of the guy's turbo b16 hatch i bought my turbo and everything from

    he ran a 12.4 at 117 on drag radials with a 2.1 60'

    b16 motor as well which is smaller than mine and less torquey (sp?)
  17. WHAT DOES YOUR CAR RUN RIGHT NOW??? if you have no track times STFU! :nice:

    Just a simple question for the guy putting down the Civic when the Civic owner didnt even start anything.

    Horsepower is just an equation. If you make huge torque at a low RPM it helps the car get out faster but doesnt mean squat up top which can potentially hurt (TPI Fbodies, strong down low, DOGS up top). Having big horsepower but little torque will hurt the car down low and in the low RPMs, but helps up top. Having a broad flat torque curve is the best, gives good torque throughout and high horsepower up top.
  18. damn wow, 117! that is good for some 11s right thurr with traction.
  19. And I just have to add if you think power to weight ratio is a ricer term, get off your computer chair and go to the track. Why do people who have to weigh 3200 lbs for a race weigh 3201 if possible? Why if there are no weight rules do these guys yank everything off the car? Thats right power to weight. You go up to a drag racer who is taking weight out and call him a ricer...
  20. stangnet is just one united family :)