Cool video of fun day, and pics.

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  1. You should have seen posts like 6 months ago when I supported people modding other cars... I almost got banned I think. I had everyone hating me and wanting to kill me!

  2. hahaha

    its just that i used to think the same way when i had my mustang. every import was rice and they are slow. well ive seen both sides of the car world now and it just irritates me when some people are just so ignorant when it comes to other cars that can be just as fast....even if they dont look quite as good :D
  3. I guess I should clarify. This is a typical ricer "excuse." ...."It's all about the horsepower/weight ratio!" or "Its all about the horsepower/liter ratio!"....or "I had a leak in my innercooler piping"

    I know weight reduction is where it's at, trust me.
  4. Im not a Honda fan by any means but I like your car and gave it props when you posted pics of it on, Id like to see it at the track when its done, do you have a timeframe on when it should be finished?
  5. well the guy who is supposed to do the build for me should be sending my parts list via e-mail today. so whenever that list shows up in my inbox i can start ordering everything.

    the turbo manifold is whats going to make the process go a little longer because i have to wait 2 weeks for them to fab one up and ship it to my door. so i hope to have the car done within the next month.
  6. Great cat fight i wish i had popcorn..
  7. i know, right?

    waaaiiittt a minute...
  8. This is your problem right here you took one comment that is a ricer one, and one that sounds similar and mixed them up...

    Having more hp/liter means nothing when the car has a small motor. Sure it is efficient but it takes more than efficiency to run hard. But having more hp/weight is something every racer is out there doing... DONT mix these two comments up as they arent both ricer terms. You just wont hear a race say power/weight, they are usually just taking stuff off the car to go fast!

    Also you didnt answer me, what does your car run at the track?
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    :Teh-Win: JON :Track: people. settle it like a man :rolleyes:
  11. Sorry, i wasnt aware you asked that. Never taken it to the track...I don't like to break stuff, especially when i dont have the cash to fix it, or buy proper tires. I'm not going to tear my street tires up at the track, and my broke college-student ass doesnt have a couple hundred bucks to throw down for a new set of tires/wheels.

    I'm not trying to argue, but you are also not reading what I'm saying. I know that weight reduction is a huge part of racing, especially when it comes to power to weight ratio. That is why my fox body with 240-ish RWHP keeps up with my buddies LS1 goat..those things are pigs!

    The "power to weight ratio" phrase is just a common term used by those deemed "ricers," because they tend to drive lighter cars with much less horsepower then we "stangers" do. Given, if properly set up, a lighter car with less horsepower (an equal power to weight ratiol; also not considering many other factors) should keep up with/beat our cars. The thing is, they DON'T set up their cars properly...its all about "the turboezz!!" and not the proper traction and suspension modifications.

    I'm not saying stang guys dont do this either...there are ricers that drive every form of automobile; whether they are japanese import, domestic, euro, whatever! I respect, and give credit where its due to those who aren't ricers, no matter what they drive. Power/weight ratio is a driving force when it comes to racing, but if you don't take other things into consideration, and use this explanation for you lack of horsepower and torque (again, most "ricers," no matter what they drive).

    See what I'm saying? I know it's a valid point, I do. That's why I don't want to get re-worked iron heads, when I can save a little more and get more horsepower and more weight off the front end with aluminum heads. But people who rely on these stupid excuses as to why their car isn't fast bother me.

    Cliff notes: Don't be a ricer, no matter what you drive.
  12. "there ant no replacement for displacement"

    i think my stang has more cubic inches then your civic....but its slower :nonono:

    mines 232 whats yours???
  13. if your nice, I will share :D
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  14. I dont think civics are unibodys? Why would they even need to know about subframes?

    Alot of civics are ricers that arent even fast and dont know anything. Alot of the "fast ones" usually go to the autocross track, take a trip to a local autocross track and see if those guys with civics know something about "body-stiffening". Any fast civic already has all the necessary "body stiffening" mods. Do you know anything about what it takes to "stiffen" a civic?

  15. Ya got me...I don't know much about 'em. I'll edit it.
  16. i'm pretty sure civics are unibodies like the 90% of cars that are unibody in this day and age.
  17. yeah, I doubt a civic has a frame...
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