Coolant Leak Around The Intake Area

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  1. I am trying to figure out if the 2004 is prone to the cracking issues that plagued the earlier 4.6's. Some days it is fine, other days it leaks like a holey bucket. Would pulling the intake and replacing the -o rings help?

  2. My 04 cracked leaked too. I located my leak right behind and underneath the thermostat housing. Never heard of an intake leaking that wasn't broken but it is best to try and locate the actual source of the leak prior to going all in on an intake swap. If you pull the intake you will ultimately find the source but I haven't heard of anyone just replacing the gaskets and fixing the issue.
  3. Same here, even the "revised" intakes love to crack in that particular area.
  4. "Revised" is a good word for it. Bottom line is that a thin plastic intake exposed the hot and cold of being in an engine bay cannot last forever. However, when it works, it works good.
  5. You need to find the source of the leak. If you have a cracked manifold it's and easy replacement project. Several write-up here as well as Chiltons or Haynes manual would get you through it.
  6. They also crack in the back where the heater hose attaches. Mine did a couple months back. American Muscle has the Ford replacement part for a good price. Don't use the Dorman parts store replacement. You will loose performance.
  7. This. ONLY use the original FRPP manifold. Do NOT get a knock-off.
  8. I replaced mine with the FRPP part. Never had a problem with it.