Coolant Leaking

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  1. coolant leak.jpg Coolant is leaking out of a plug, in the engine bay, on the passenger side firewall. I assume it is from the heater core. The plug has an open end, not sure if it is missing something. Any help would be great!
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  2. Heater Core is shot.
  3. The car is only driven in warm weather, mainly back and forth to the track for drag racing. So I never use the heat. How do I bypass the heater core, or are there other options besides repalcing it.
  4. Just used a small piece of coolant hose. Autozeon sells them in a U shape


  5. Thank you! Do I have to drain the radiator so that I don't have a mess?
    And what is the size of the hose?
  6. You don't have to drain it, but you can. Mine has been bypassed for a while now. No issues.
  7. Will the coolant start pouring out of the hoses and heater core if I don't drain the radiator first? Or is there a trick to it?
  8. Got the u shaped hose from Autozone, didn't drain the radiator, just put a pan under the car and directed the hoses downward towards it. Wasn't too bad. It went pretty smooth, thanks to all on Stangnet for the help! The bottom plug that is in the pic leaked out on the exhaust everytime I came to a complete stop. I think it's all out. Should I plug it and the top 2 heater core pipes?

  9. Yes. Get two rubber caps and worm clamps.