Coolant level sensor?

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  1. Stupid question, but can anyone point towards/follow to where the wire leads to on the coolant level sensor on a 99 windsor 4.6, we realized that mine wasnt plugged in today. We tried comparing to a 98 gt but couldnt find it.
    Could this possibly have anything to do with my motor using coolant?
  2. IIRC, the signal from the coolant level sensor should eventually run back to your PCM/car computer. Did the '99 GT's come with a "low coolant" idiot light on their speedo/dash clusters ? :shrug:

    And no, your engine will not consume coolant if your coolant level sensor is simply unplugged.

    Sounds like you need to find out why your engine is using coolant. Start with a cooling system pressure test kit (can be found at local auto parts store or borrow one from friend) and go from there...
  3. Thanks we have done everything to find this problem from changing the intake manifold!!! thinking it was leaking through the gasket all the way down to new coolant cap thinking it was evaporating somewhere there is no puddles or nothing we are stumped!!!
  4. the car doesent smoke, and the oil is fine!
  5. Just wondering, what were the results of the cooling system pressure test?
  6. WE never did one because we just found the leak today, it must have been leaking on the inside of the radiator, where you cant see behind the bumper. Because just today we noticed coolant starting to pile up on the radiator on the inside of the engine bay, so we found the leak getting a new radiator next weekend.
    Thanks for the help :nice::nice: