Coolant Question

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by SoFlStang, Jul 6, 2013.

  1. Def not the way to set up a fan. He should at a minimum have some sort of toggle on/off switch. To the OP, you should really go and check the gauge of the wiring on the fan amd see if you have any sort of relay/fuse inline before the battery. Stock mustang wiring is notorious for being a fire hazard as it is, and adding any further load improperly is begging for trouble.

    See if you can post some pics of the setup.
  2. I also thought you should really see if the lower air dam is still on. I hear it has a big effect on Fox cooling, and it looks easy enough to scrape off.
  3. The fan is directly wired, so when the key comes on, the fan comes on. Thats how the previous owner did it. I am going to change it over to a temp control. He just did so many things that half @ss way, I am going through the car and fixing what I find as I go. There is a shroud on the fan. Drove it on the highway and it got to about 200 before dropping to around 180 and stabilizing around 190 while driving. Got off the highway and drove about 5 miles, temp got to 195, but no higher. So I believe it is doing much better.