Coolant temp Sensor location?

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  1. Can someone point me to the location of the Coolant Temp Sensor on my 2002 V6? It's not readily in sight. :shrug:I have a code for it. :(Thanks,

  2. Check this

    Check near the thermostat, it's usually located on the housing somewhere.
  3. Raytown, thanks, :nice: but it is not anywhere near the thrmostat housing like on older V6's. I am told it is behind one of the heads at the firewall. Haven't looked yet though.:notnice:
  4. Strange

    It would be stupid to locate the coolant temperature sensor on the back of the motor:bs:. I know on my 95 it's located near the thermostat housing. I'd get a picture of all the cooling jackets in the block and go from there. That way you can hopefully estimate where it would be
  5. I agree, it is not smart to put it at the back of the engine, but we looked for it at the front of the intake and everywhere else nearby. I need a shop manual since the 2002 V6 is not anything like the earlier versions. I have posted on three Mustang boards and no one can actually tell me where it is. Even the guys at Auto Zone could not locate it. I called a repair shop and they told me it is located at the rear on the head casting. Tomorrow I will get out there and ave a look with a mirror.
  6. I feel bad for ya

    According to Mitchell, the sensor for the 4.6 is near the housing. However, it doesn't give a location for the 3.8L model
  7. I know where it is on the 4.6 as I have changed one. This V6 is much different. I have the new sensor, and we looked for it when I was at Auto Zone, but it was not in sight. I may call another shop tomorrow and see if their Alldata software can pinpoint its location.
  8. Good luck

    Good luck, hope you find it!

  9. Thanks! I'm sure I will and, hopefully, it will solve the code problem, too!
  10. According to my service manual, it is just below the round cap immediately in front of the intake manifold- it's screwed into the vertical post below the cap at an angle, and the harness is attached at the back of it.
  11. Many Thanks!

    I'll go for it in the morning!