Cooling problems...

Discussion in '2.3L (N/A & Turbo) Tech' started by ka0tyk, Dec 18, 2003.

  1. I recently put on one of these:


    And yah I need to get the other pieces and finish it up... but my main problem is on the LX bumper there were holes which let air flow thru it onto the radiator. The GT does not. I kinda like the way it looks without the hole so I dont really want to get the cobra insert... the 5.0's have a fan that turns constantly to keep it cool but my 2.3 is running warmer and I'm constantly flicking my fan switch on and off... would it make any difference if I made a bracket which directed airflow from the bottom hole upwards and into the radiator? or is that a lost cause? any suggestions appreciated.
  2. The reason alot of guys use the cobra insert is too open that hole. So if you like it close, either upgrade your radiator (3 core fluidine or something nice) or upgrade your fan and put the auto fan switch back in place. A ramp will only help cool the car once you start moving pretty quick, having an exsposed hole in the front alows even standing air, when u move at slow speeds to pass alot a wider area of the fins, so ya...that would be my advice.
  3. hrmm... i already have the 3 row radiator... (no fluidyne... just a replacement) I was thinking of running a relay on the ignition so when my car is on it runs thru a resistor and runs the fan at 6 volts... then when I feel like it, I can turn on my switch and it turns off the ignition fan relay, and supplies the fan with a full 12-14 volts...