cooling tips for these hot motors???

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by travis0712, May 8, 2004.

  1. I removed the so called, fire blanket, from underneath my hood. Simply removing the black plastic holders so I can reinstall later if need be.

    I found covers over the vents of my 03 cobra's hood. these were easily removed by snapping them off.

    Closed the hood, and could really feel the heat coming out of there. I can only imagine this will help cool things down a bit.

    Does anyone else have any tips? Summer is around the corner and I would like to help her stay cool.

    Aftermarket radiators, setting the electric fan to run longer, anybody?
  2. You could wire in a manual fan switch to kick on the fan at will (or reprogram, via chip, so that it comes on at an earlier temp as well).
  3. I would put that hood blanket back on's there to keep the paint from overheating and cracking...Just trim it back around the vents and get some of that c-shaped weather stripping to put around the lip of the vents...Works good...
  4. I left the black grills on the vents, I just took the solid plastic backing off. Nice point about the paint cracking, I didn't think of that. I will get that back on right away. I thought it was to help put out a fire, not shield the paint.

    I think I will start researching a chip to buy so I can engage that fan a bit early too... I can't see why it would hurt having it come on sooner.

    What about a better radiator?
  5. Do it! The Steeda radiator made my 96 Cobra, (which run the hottest of all Cobras) which was running in the AL area in NORMAL, down to the N in normal. Even when running it down the dragstrip, it did not move out of the N. I have a stock thermostat that is original, and regular green anti-freeze and water. That was the best mod I made to my Cobra, besides the supercharger. Well worth $369 + 30 shipping. Fits and looks great!
  6. Did you do the install, or is this better left to a good shop?

  7. Steeda also sells "Redline Water Wetter"... reports 10 to 25 degree drops in temps... has anyone used this? Is it just added to the normal water/antifrees mixture?
  8. The 95 thru 98 mustangs had a central "pod"... I would like one of these with areal water temp gauge, oil temp.... etc... anyone know where I can get one?
  9. Which radiator did you get, steeda has two on their site... They also have an oil cooler and a 7qt oil pan... a drop of 75 degrees in the engine oil.... I think these are the tickets to cooler engines... is it enough to matter?
  10. scratch that, I found the correct cooler ;)
  11. Get a Heat exchanger, Great mod for the up comming heat!
  12. excellent addition to project "chill'in"

    - steeda radiator
    - heat exchanger to reduce intercooler temps
    - redline water wetter (how many bottles do we need?)
    - custom chip to start fan at lower temps
    - steeda thermostat???
    - steeda heat shield wrap for intake inlet tube???

    Anything else? I guess the easiest would be the water wetter, heat exchanger (30 minute replace of stock bolt on).

    Anyone install a water temp gauge on their snake? is this tough?
  13. You know this will end up costing you a lot of money and what will you have to show for it? A car that runs nice and cool in traffic and is capable of cooling off faster while sitting in the staging lanes. Once your car is moving down the road at highway speeds the only thing these mods will do for you is lighten your wallet.

    It will also possibly void your warranty (chip), but if you are going to do it, you might as well drop the tranny and add the Apten cooling mod too....


    P.S. 30 minutes to swap out the stock heat exchanger for one of the larger replacement models? I don't think so...
  14. technically driving on a dragstip voids the warrenty - which I don't have but $10k miles left. I am planning a project right now researching info for what to do. I would like to keep her a bit cooler for the hot summer days and have the money to spend.

    30 minutes to swap out the heat-exhchangers... this was straight from rpm's website. cruising around these parts of the country often leaves you with lots of stop and go and ideling... you know... just hanging out... And if $700 - $1400 gets you a cooler engine... why not?
  15. If the needle is directly in the middle of cold / hot.... that is perfectly normal? I just thought it would make sence to install a better radiator... especially for these hot months.... I wonder how hard it is to install a real water temp gauge?
  16. I think its on there in case the engine catches on fire. then the tabs melt and it blankets the motor. Our two piece plastic hoods dont have the 'heat/paint' issues previously experienced with the older steel hoods...


  17. Check out a few of the "water temp gauge" links I posted in the following thermostat thread:

    click here for thread
  18. There is no need to change out the thermostat since it came with a 180 thermostat. I wouldn't do the chip, get a predator programmer. You can lower the temp on the fans that way.
  19. The 2000R has an oil cooler and a canton pan on it....never had a problem with it running hot....
  20. canton pan? Mr NJ2000R, please enlighten us :)