Copper Header Gasket Which Side Faces Head

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  1. doing a search online it seems as if the metal side or asbestos side goes toward the header but mine is hard to tell which ones are being I am reusing them;copper. It appears that he possibly put them on right back when he did the current setup back in 05 but Im just making certain. Both sides darn near look the same so hard to tell also. Images below and I might as well take them things to work tommorow and clean them up.

    solvent tank and wipe off or degreaser and wipe off I guess header gasket side 1.jpg header gasket side 2.jpg
  2. eek, spend a few bucks and replace those things
  3. asked about them when i first took heads off to send to the shop and since all said they are reusable if nothing is wrong with them and they will serve same purpose i will just reuse them. Will look better once cleaned up
  4. line up the flanges on your headers to see which side they were mated with
  6. 6 of one half dozen of the other really. It matters not which way they go on. I would put some high temp rtv on both sides of that before you cinch them down.
  7. i'd hate to put rtv on them lol

    if i have to do that so they wouldnt leak i'd just rather buy new ones. He didnt put rtv on it when he installed first time
  8. IMO spend the $30 and buy a new set of Percy's gaskets and be done with it. Beats doing the job twice. I'm funny like that. I don't mind spending money on new gaskets and bolts. Cheap insurance and I'll save money elsewhere.

    At a minimum do what Nick said and spray each side with some copper RTV. Those look fairly beat up.
  9. i was thinking he meant silicone rtv. I will ponder which way i want to go in that regard then
  10. I had the Mac copper header gaskets. Didn't fit worth a damn (didn't line up properly with the ports) and leaked pretty much immediately. Never again.

    I've got the Percy's gaskets in there now and won't hesitate to replace them when they're done.
  11. I do have the Mac shorties that I bought for the engine swap back in 02. I wonder if those gaskets came with the headers then in that case they are the Macs.

    Now I have a question. As long as the gasket where they bolt up at is flat then there shouldnt be a leak am I correct? I did notice a slight little buckle in between the flanges but there's no exhaust coming out there in between the flanges
  12. if i use a sealant and reuse mine, i will see if they have the small packs of copper sealant and place some around all ports