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  1. How come I registered and activated my account but I still cannot post in How do I fully register? I need to access the classifieds..quick.

  2. if your fully registerd then you shouldent have a prob. Maybe there having issues w/ the site.
  3. haha dont leave us ehre at stangnet. just be patient till this stuff rolls over.
  4. That's all I use the Corral for, the classifieds.

  5. their classifieds are the **** :D
  6. And to get props from RC on radiator installations. :) (I was reading up on rad's last night here and there). I would like something nice like he runs, but i cant afford the boutique radiators. :(
    Thinking of trying to get a 3 core HD unit for a fox to fit. :bang:
  7. did you log in?
  8. Yeah, I just created a new username. Still can't figure out the old one, even tried activating it again.