Correct Bulb # for 1967 Deluxe Door Courtesy Lights?

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by 65and68Stang, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. Could someone provide the correct bulb number for the deluxe door courtesy lights for a 67/68? I took out mine to buy some extras and there are two different numbers:

    62-025/9? L6278



    I'm not sure if either of these bulbs work, the lamp housings are not installed yet.


  2. The YearOne catalog lists Y1004 as the replacement bulb # for 1967-70 door courtesy light. Hope this helps
  3. Alot of part numbers have been superceded/replaced with different numbers now. Usually the only difference may be the candlepower (brightness) of the bulb. I ran into this with my hood mounted signal lights. Your parts store should have a book that interchanges your number with the new part numbers.
  4. Use whatever bulb that you want to, as long as it fits the base/socket right and makes a good connection. Like 68GEETEE said the only diff. will be the brightness of the bulb. For example im using 6 volt GE 44 bulbs in the hood turn signal flashers, and they are much brighter than the 12 volt bulb, and i like it better that way.
  5. Great, thanks for all the help guys!!