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  1. just wondering if anyone has had a corrosion problem with their hoods and the seams underneath the front edge.. (no its not from a stone chip) its right above the headlamp on both side of the car. mainly the passenger side. where the hood angles back towards the fender. it started under the hood at the seam and has now worked its way to the front lip of the hood. not all the way to the top of the hood... no paint chips or scratches...

    and does anyone know the ford corrosion warranty??? i think its 7 years...
  2. It's a known common fault. I believe it's caused by the welds on the aluminium hood reacting.
  3. well i went in today.. and they said its 5 years if there is any perforation... and said that mine needed to be authorized by a warr. administrator.. for a hood repaint... under goodwill... and the dealer installed (before i even knew the car was for sale.) stripes would not be covered under warranty... WTF the stripes came from the dealer... bs in my opinion... i know all the dealers i worked at we covered anything we installed.... and i dont know how someone has to get authorization on corrosion but can ok it if there was a hole corroded in it.... somewhat backwards...
  4. First thing I thought of when I get the new Mustang home was "Boy, that hood lip sure looks like it'd be a place for rust to start"

    Had a 1976 Plymouth Arrow (hey, that thing ran 19'[email protected]!) w/ similar designed hood lip, rusted all the time. Of course, that was back when just looking at a car would make it start rusting.
  5. I thought the hood was composite or aluminum. It's definitely very light compared to a steel hood of the same size.
  6. I had the same problem at two places on the very lip of the hood. The paint just started to bubble up. Since I live quite some distance from the nearest Ford dealer to get some warrenty work done, I had the eat the cost of repairing the hood at one of the local shops.
  7. I have the paint bubbles as well under the front of the hood. They just started to show up this year. Right as my 3/36 warranty ran out. I have the ford ESP warranty but the dealership told me it won't cover paint issues.

    So now I logged a complaint with ford and they made me go to the dealership to have it verified by the service manager. He told he never see this before on the mustang he also try to tell me the hood wasn’t aluminum.

    After about 10 min of talking and showing that a magnet doesn’t stick to the hood he send me down the ford collision center to get estimate on a repaint.

    Ford told me they let me know in a few days if they will cover it out of warranty repair. The plus side is if they don’t cover it this will give me excuse to upgrade to a new aftermarket hood. Why repaint something that probably going to happen again.
  8. I had the same thing with my hood in the same spots above each of the headlights. The corrosion started on the underside of the hood but eventually worked its way around to the forward lip of the exterior of the hood and the spots were quite large by the time the hood was eventually replaced. My dealer replaced the hood under warranty free of charge, no questions asked. And to my knowledge, they didn't have to go through the whole pre-approval process with Ford. It took awhile to get it right (first paint job had tons of stuff that had dried into the clearcoat so they sanded it down, re-cleared the hood, then sanded some more and finally buffed it out. They finished the new hood in the shop on a stand so all I had to do was bring the car in for the swap-out, which took about 20 minutes and was done this past Wednesday. It now matches perfectly and looks as good as new.
    My advice to anyone who has this problem is to hold your ground with the dealer and insist that Ford replace the hood. I understand that they are having the same problem with the hoods on Rangers and Explorers.
  9. I talked to the dealership today and ford corporate authorized the repair to my hood.

    The dealership said they will have the hood repainted at their body shop. I will let you know how it comes out.
  10. i also had the same problem. my dealers body shop replaced the hood under warranty. there is not enough seam sealer under the lip allowing moisture to get trapped in the lip and corrode. this makes a permanent fix out of the question because the corrosion will just reappear. so a repaint is just a band aid! you have been warned.
  11. There is a TSB for it like others have mentioned. I do not have the problem though. I have never seen it first hand either.
  12. preventing the rust

    I don't have this problem and was looking at the underside of my hood. I am thinking about putting a "skin' of some RTV type sealer along the seam to help keep the moisture out. However, I'm thinking if I have problems down the road, that may give Ford a reason not to cover it under warranty. Any thoughts on this?
  13. good point about them not covering it. Not to sure as I'm not in the same position as most of you. I work at a ford dealer, so if my car, which I bought from them, has any problems, I will just bring it right on back no questions asked. That will happen if you put rtv. Your only help would be to pull out all the seam sealer there, dry it out, shoot it with an antioxidant paint, and seam seal it again. That would stop it completely.
  14. well i talked to the dealership a few days ago... it took 3 weeks... but ford decided they are going to repaint it... this is where it gets fun tho... i have black stripes the dealer installed before i bought the car (even before i knew it was there) and they said i have to replace those myself due to not being FACTORY installed... PLUS they told me i would have to pay a $200 deductible to have the work performed.... im at 37000 miles and have the ESP im pretty sure ford can kiss my a$$ on this one... im really not happy with how they will not cover anything even if its their fault on a poorly made hood.

    on a side note.... passenger side door got backed into last week.... so that is getting fixed too.... drunk driver hit it.. then tried to run...

    why do i have luck like this....
  15. Well here is my update and it’s not that good.

    You would think went they say they’re going to paint your hood it would be the whole hood or at least the one whole side of it.

    After they had my car for two days I went to pickup after closing on a Friday evening. First thing I noticed that the top of the hood was not painted. So I thought myself they must just painted the underside because that where the bubbling was.

    I open the hood and I see they only painted front section of the hood where is bubbling was. This is where its gets bad and I’m no auto body tech but this is list stuff that was wrong.

    1 did not paint the whole hood, 2 paint doesn’t match rest of the underside, 3 painted over the decal stickers with clear coat, 4 did not tape of the latch witch got paint all over it, 5 tool marks where paint was bubbled, 6 over spray on the hood liner, 7 just a bad job over all.

    On Monday I called the server manager told about the above problems. He told me go down and see the body shop manager that he will take care any problems you might have with paint job. Service manager told me that the TSB for this problem doesn’t require the whole hood to be painted.

    Before me when down to the ford body shop I stop at the shop that I have used for years on my other mustangs for body work. So that when I went back to ford it sound like knew what I was talking about.

    My body shop took a look at hood and laugh at it how bad it was. They could understand what ford body shop did.

    So I when back to the ford shop and show him all the things that were wrong with the paint job and they said they clean it up all issues.

    I just got it back and looks like the only things they fixed was the hood latch painted back to black again and new hood sticker. I’m wait on a new hood liner that is suppose be here today for them put back in.

    Now what should I do? I want a new hood this thing is a mess but it doesn’t look like dealer ship is going to give me one. Who should I talk to now?
  16. Keep ****ing, don't stop until they fix it. I'm pretty sure there is no clear on the underside of the hood and engine bay from the factory so why in the world did they put it on there? LOLZ I love bad body shops and the fact that they are way too many of them.
  17. Why did Ford cheap out on seam sealer? I'd gladly pay another G note for a mustang if all the seams were sealed like the imports.

    My 93 has seam sealed doors, but my 04 does not. I was going to look into the American version of Krown's rust proofing. Ton's of Canadians rave about it.
  18. I messaged a few people on here that said they got it fixed, but if anyone else can help me out: I have this exact same thing on mine and my warranty JUST ran out. Dealership says they will only fix it if I can find out how other people got their dealership to cover it after the 3 year warranty. Thanks!

  19. They have access to pull up any TSB for the vehicle...a close friend of mine is a service writer for a local dealership and pulled it up for me last week however I still got denied for my hood to get fixed....I didn't push it either as I want a new hood and this is easier to explain to the wife. :rlaugh: Mine is an 07 and the corrosion just started about 2k miles ago...which the car has 44k on it now.