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  1. '08 GT, 27000 miles...

    :(Took a look under the hood...Yup, it's there...gonna log a service call to the local FoMoCo dealership and see what transpires...
  2. Anyone have a picture of where this is occuring on the hood exactly?
  3. Sounds like Ford is a being a complete PITA to deal with in getting these problems fixed. Has anyone come up with a permanent DIY solution to preventing the hood corrosion in the first place? If so I would love to see a how-to write-up.
  4. Interesting. I never realized, until this thread, that we had aluminum hoods even though my 04 F-150 has an aluminum hood. Guess I need to take a good look at the underside to see what everyone is talking about. Is the trunk lid aluminum also?
  5. TSB 04-25-1 and 06-25-15 is all you need to know about corrosion on Mustang hoods. "Ignore them and they will go away" is Ford's reply unless your car corrodes within a year or two. Don't let them "repair" the problem because the only fix is a new hood which may corrode again. The contamination is so severe they have to isolate your car to "fix" it. If you are out of tour 3/36 warranty and think you have a 5 year warranty against corrosion, think again. The metal must be PERFORATED. If not, too bad. Aluminum will not perforate in 10 years let alone 5. Ford knows this. Solution: after market hood or take them to small claims court. If you are one of the few that had the dealer replace your hood, consider your self lucky. Unless it starts to corrode again. READ the TSB. The problem is IN the metal. The hoods were contaminated PRIOR TO PAINTING and Ford knows all about it. This means your car came factory new, corroded. They (Ford) just play the waiting game called "It may or may not corrode and if it does no one will notice it until it's too late". If there ever was a case for a class action law suit, this is it. I have heard that this problem is now showing up on 2008 Mustangs. The TSB says this has been happening on various models since 2000!
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  7. I have the same problem, except mine is more in the middle. It's a PITA and noticeable from the front.

    My car was built 3/05, and I bought it from a used car lot out of state this past summer. Would Ford cover this? Should I print out the TSB and storm in there?
  8. ha! 08 gt chiming in and yes my hood is bubbling up like a pot of chili! im at witts end with this car it only has 26k miles and its been treated alot better than my other ones (poor things). not only is the hood corroded the drivers side door panel the vinyl insert is starting to come loose not that big of a deal to others but it is to me, i have a brake fluid leak at the abs pump, everytime i use the lumbar on the drivers side the fuse pops, the paint is super thin i have scratches on the door handle from my nails, and the piece de resistance is im having bad camber issues and i havent even lowered the car yet. ive been a tech at dealers for about 10 years know and i dread what i will hear when i take it in, the car has black 20" wheels which they will say my brake leak and camber issues are because of that. and about 4months ago i had the battery replaced because i stored the car for amonth. and my throwout bearing is making a whining noise after storing the car. then i had the fuel pump module go bad. i took it to maroone ford of miami (you guys suck by the way!) and had a service writter bring this snaggled tooth tech to try and explain to me that its the fuel pump because its leaking down.... of couse its going to leak down it lost 2 psi in 3min.there is no check valve in the fuel system to maintain that pressure!!!! so they didnt fix it cause the car has an intake and an exhaust. and ford is going to send an inspector out to look at the car.. (i highly doubt they will send some one out for a fuel pump) maybe ford saw the super stars that were calling the tech line and decided to bust there chops what ever... i left the service advisor and dr.snaggel pus on the drive went to parts bought a module and installed it on the drive and went on my way.....sorry for the rant!!! but i will never buy another ford vehicle again and honestly im starting to be sorry i bought this one great car just poor execution!
  9. Hood Corrosion

    I have a 06 GT coupe, and it has got the same corrosion problems on the hood that I have been reading about. They spots just popped up a few months ago and are stedy gettin worse. Jumped thru the same hoops with Ford with no luck. Looking to get a carbon fiber one. Anyone got any suggestions on which brand!
  10. Hood Corrosion

    I have a 06 GT coupe, and it has got the same corrosion problems on the hood that I have been reading about. The spots just popped up a few months ago and are steady gettin worse. Jumped thru the same hoops with Ford with no luck. Looking to get a carbon fiber one. Anyone got any suggestions on which brand!
  11. My 2008 Grabber orange GT has the same corrosion problems. I took it upon myself to fix or at least slow the problem down. I popped the corrosion bubbles and sanded them down. Primed them. And just used some touch up paint over the primer. The problem areas are under the hood at the seam so the look of the "fix" isn't that important to me. My main concern was that the corrosion was going to keep travailing up to the top of the hood. I really feel ford should stop messing with the TSB bull**** and have a RECALL. Because EVERYONE has this problem. And sticking us with the problem is B S!
  12. Hi dphc13,

    I understand your frustration with your paint bubbling, and with forum posts it can seem like every Mustang has the same issues. Ford and the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) work together to proactively identify areas of concern through investigation of consumer and dealer feedback. During an investigation Ford co-operates fully with NHTSA. Due to our rigorous safety standards and constant testing, not all issues result in recall or Customer Satisfaction Programs.

    I also wanted to make sure you were aware that the paint on the vehicle is covered under the terms of the Bumper to Bumper Warranty. Corrosion Warranty covers body sheet metal panels against corrosion due to a defect in factory-supplied material or workmanship, and only applies if the corrosion causes perforation (holes) in body sheet metal panels. If you would like me to look into your concern, please PM me with your VIN, contact information, mileage, and servicing dealer information.

  13. Just bought a 2005 v6 convertible. It has the corrosion as well. Check your doors and trunk lid too. I have looked at many mustangs before I bought mine and they all had it. I guess Quality is job One doesn't refer to lid and door seams. Ford should be ashamed of this. :nono:
  14. Just curious, do you have any updates on the information you posted?

    Its 2011 and I just discovered I am in the same boat as so many. Was there ever a class action suit?
  15. Reading through this, I was just thinking that maybe the solution is to drive around in all kinds of weather, snow, ice, rain, freezing etc because that's what I've done and I didn't think I had any of this corrosion. I've put 190000 km (118000 miles) on my 07 and driven it in all those conditions. Before post things though, I figured I'd have a quick looks and see if there really was no corrosion. I looked at it and sure enough on the seam, there is no corrosion. There is corrosion though, but ONLY where the front of the hood liner has rubbed against the paint and worn it down. on those spots, where the paint was rubbed off I do some corrosion. To prevent this all the would have had to do is to not leave the hood liner loose.
  16. In June of 2011, I took my 07 to Ford with the same problem $500 + to spot repair with no guarantee.:mad:
  17. Mustang (under) Hood Corrosion. 1) The problem originates while joining the upper and lower aluminum hood sheets together. Ford Research states a contamination of iron. Yes, this occurs when a steel roll forming tool curves the upper sheet to the lower sheet to form the complete hood. The roll forming contaminates entire perimeter of the lower hood by scoring a fine line into the anti-corrosion pre-paint sealer. Corrosion forms at this “fine line” and spreads under the primer and paint creating a white chalky blister. See part 2 Mustang Hood Corrosion Repair
    Mustang (under) Hood Corrosion Repair. 2) Here is an inexpensive $25.00(under the hood) repair solution fallow the schedule process. It should take 3 to 4 hours, most of which is waiting for the paint to dry. The materials needed are: Masking tape, clean rags, distilled DI water 2 -3 cups, fine particle dust mask, 3 inch dia. Aluminum Oxide medium grit sanding wheel, small brass wire brush, course-medium –fine grit wet sandpaper, alkaline degrease-er – Dawn dish washing soap, (optional) maroon scotch-bright pad, liquid etching material - distilled white vinegar, yellow chromite spray primer (fallow mfg. directions), engine spray enamel (durable adhesion properties).
    1) Remove the hood 4bolts 2 person task; place the hood on a padded table, work preferably outside. 2) Remove corroded areas w/ Aluminum Oxide sanding wheel, brass wire brush, course-medium grit wet sandpaper, sand to the bare aluminum. 3) Clean area w/ distilled DI water and degrease. 4) Rinse w/ distilled DI water. 5) Clean (wipe) w/ distilled vinegar full strength 7 to 10 min. 6 & 7) Pre-rinse & Rinse w/ distilled DI water. 8) Dry. 9) Mask area. 10) Spray primer 2 light coats. 11) Spray top - coat engine enamel. If you have questions email [email protected].
  18. well I had my hood repaired by ford back in 2008 when I was still under 3/36 warranty. I check my hood periodically after I had ford repair hood to see if the dreaded bubbles would show back up.This weekend I looked and the bubbles are back on the underside of my hood again. I'm going out on a limb here that TSB repair doesn't work.

    My question is will ford repair the issue since the first repair didn't fix the the problem and it came back like bad rash.

    The sad thing is my car is all most 7 years and has been garage most of it life, never seen a winter and it only has 17k miles on it. but the hood bubbling like it been outside sitting in a salt rock for 7 years.

    ford please do the right thing and fix the problem.
  19. The repair process needs to get into the route of the problem. And that means removing the paint, primer and sealer from the corroded area(s) down into the bare aluminum. By nature aluminum is a material that doesn’t adhere to paint. An etching process (chemically or sanding / grinding) is the first step in aluminum surface preparation. The dealership may have skipped the etching process. [email protected]:nice:
  20. Hood Corrosion

    Have the same problem, but not covered! Noticed some "bubbling" around the lip of the hood and a LOT more underneath. Decided to go with a fiberglass hood. Ordered the Kaneen concept from American Muscle and had it shipped to our local repair shop. At least corrosion or rust won't be a problem.