Corsa DB series mufflers....anyone heard em?

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  1. Is there a muffler out there that's the opposite, as in really quiet, at WOT but still makes decent power? That's the one I want. Am I crazy or something? When I was running even the 3-chamber flows with an O/R H pipe, it still attracted ricers and just about anyone else to want to race. Why can't we have a 400rwhp sleeper that sounds stock.
  2. Because quite doesn't make horsepower,lol
  3. I don't go around flooring it everywhere either lol. So I want it quiet until I nail it. :) I dont want a car that is loud 90% of the time. I would rather a 10/90 car..but thats me.

    Turbo : Yes it looks kinda like those stingers on the inside but it is a totally different design. It is also a rectangled muffler and diagonal flow on the inside. It is quite amazing and I am extremely happy with the result! :nice:
  4. Thats kinda funny John :rlaugh:
    You ain't crazy :)

    But Really ... I know what you mean

    Why can't we have a 400rwhp sleeper that sounds stock.

    As odd as it sounds ... I still run the OEM catback :D

    When I first fired up my current sig combo in the garage I was like ...

    :eek: What happened :scratch:

    I drove it around the block and couldn't believe how much louder it was :eek:

    More horsepower is gonna make more noise :Word:

    Honestly ... when I wana have some fun driving around town :banana:

    I don't wanna attract every cop in town :nono:

    I like keeping a ... Low Profile ;)

    You just can't hide everything :(

    Cam lope and lifter chatter :fuss:

    I get more attention at stop lights and drive in's than I want :bang:

  5. Yea Grady's right on the money guys. Anytime I made a considerable HP gain the car gets louder. Thats why when I went to the AFR's I knew it was gnna put down more b/c it was louder with the same exhaust.