Engine Cost Effective Cold Air In Ca

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  1. At idle it doesn't really matter, WOT with the car moving quickly that's where the magic happens. Really, I can only go by what they dyno numbers say. Long curved bends of rerouted air make less power than a short straight shot. Your math teacher was correct, shortest distance between point A and point B is straight. Looks like that applies to airflow not just a trip to the grocery store.
  2. Ok. Ya, I wasn't trying to rebutt, just understand how it all worked. So you actually got better number with an open element?
  3. I don't have anything scientific only the dyno numbers. I'm not talking like huge numbers either, just a couple of HP between a few kits.

    I'm really going to blow your mind now. The combo that made the most power was the MAF bolted to the throttle body. The IAT sensor was tapped to the MAF housing. It's on a friends car still to this day.
  4. Unless you are talking about significant changes in power and torque they don't mean to much. FWIW, an open element filter in the engine bay would invalidate my KB warranty. The air temp coming through the rad approaches 180*.

  5. That looks a lot like the "Don't do this" in the Surging Idle Checklist.
  6. How much gain did they actually show?
    To the OP: It's not going to be a life changing experience, you'll never know it's in there unless you look. If you can't out run em now shiney metal pipe w a cone filter on the end isn't going to make up the difference.
  7. A shorter air intake assembly, and cooler air both make sense. Here's a picture of a 94 running in nhra stock eliminator, he is or was a national record holder. What is he using for a filter here ? mustangfilter4.jpg
  8. That's awesome.