Cost of a 1993 cobra, or mustang 5.0

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  1. Hey Guys i have been out for a long time, and finally getting back to restoring my 5.0. i came across some 1993 cobras on ebay, and they are asking about 15k+ now can someone explain to me how they jump up in price? i remember seeing these go for about 6k a few years ago.. and while you school me on prices, can you tell me whats a 1986 mustang gt convertible worth ? thanks
  2. 93 cobras have been high in price for a few for 15k is the deal of the century in my area. But for non cobras price has inflated a dumb amount..i see people asking 4-5k for rust foxes with 200k miles on them and people selling ROLLERS for 4k easy. For your car it depends on mileage and mods..but a general guestamite would be 3500-4500
  3. a driver 1993 cobra with over 100K on it seem to sell around the 8-9k mark then the price goes up from there
  4. this one is sitting in a local dealership showroom. 1992 limited edition with 402 miles. only asking $29,900:(

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  5. That's retarded. I hope it continues to sit there. Someone would have to have rocks in their head to pay half that, for that car.
  6. ha thanks for the info. i always liked the look of the 93 cobras, but just way to damn much now.. im a square lights guys. now a 1986 saleen ill take for 8k .. i currently have a 1986 gt vert, but need to get street legal again. stupid California!!!!