Cost of installing shocks, struts, and springs

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  1. How much should I expect to get springs, shocks, and struts installed?
  2. i paid $900 bucks total for tokico shocks/struts and eibach pro kit installed and aligned
  3. its pretty easy to do it yourself.
    just need about a couple jack stands, and of course a jack.
    and a spring compressor will help ya out too.
  4. I paid $150 or $175 for an install of my Bullitt Suspension upgrade kit with Ford Racing C Springs - install by my frequently used install shop
  5. Dont really need a spring compreser for shorter springs. Did my whole setup in a couple hours. Bring by some beer and a couple burgers and ill do it for ya :nice:
  6. One shop quoted me $350 to install plus alignment. I think I will do it myself.
  7. Yep, that's the way to do it. :nice:
    I see you're not too far from where I am.
  8. I paid $195 for installation of the Bullitt Suspension on my 2002 GT. Thought it was less, but just checked my records.
  9. I paid about $300 for the labor on my Koni yellows and springs, but that's only because I was having some other work done at a race shop and didn't want someone I didn't know touching my car. Being anal (and ignorant) is expensive.:nono:
  10. wow i hope that included the price of hte shocks and springs

  11. lol yes that included everything
  12. Hey 40th I am a straight shot down 316 from ya. I was going to come your way today. I believe the Mustangs Unlimited show was this afternoon. I had to go wheel and tire shopping instead.
  13. Oh crap. I forgot about the show at MU today. I am near 316 in Lawrenceville as well. :(

    I'm still debating on lowering my car since my driveway will cause me to scrape if I don't get the angle perfect.