Cost of Options offered on the 07 Shelby

Discussion in '2007 - 2014 Shelby GT500 Tech' started by 07SHELBYCOBRA, Mar 18, 2006.

  1. What do you think the cost will be? Which ones will be worth it? :shrug:
  2. My dealer said the Shaker 1000 is typically about an $800 upgrade. The upgrade I'm really interested in is the leather dash upgrade.
  3. I know the Shaker 1000 option on the GT is around $1300. I am also most interested in the Interior Upgrade. The Shaker 500 will work just fine for me and I will not be getting the Sirius radio either. This is not going to be my main car so I will not be making long trips with it. The stripes are all decals I believe? I will get all of them, most likely the Tungsten.:nice:
  4. I agree with the $1300 for the Shaker-1000 and the interior upgrades on both of my GTs was about $450. I am hoping for no more than $500.
  5. I put my own order into the orderbanks this past week. I loaded her up with the exception of Sirius and there was no pricing available. The gas guzzler tax wasn't priced as well, I'm thinking $2,100 for 18mpg?
  6. There's your low $40s that the Mustang brand manager said (coupe).

    I'd guess $39,995 + $640 delivery + $2,100 gas guzzler = $42,375 before options.
  7. I had been thinking that the gas guzzler tax would be in addition to the MSRP! That is some good info!